Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Masters

In the Department of International and Multicultural Education

The Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is a practitioner-oriented degree based on principles of equity, social justice, and human rights.

Distinctive Program Features

  • Accomplished faculty with research and teaching experiences in TESL/TEFL/ESL across the U.S. and globally
  • Small class sizes that facilitate dynamic learning and supportive relationships with faculty and students
  • Academically rigorous research-based curriculum
  • A strong sense of community composed of diverse faculty and students who offer personal and scholarly support
  • Classroom pedagogies aimed at addressing inequities based on language, race, class, gender, sexual identity, religion, and nationality


Contact Us

For more information please contact the SOE prospective student adviser, Lisa Klope, at (415) 422-5467 or schoolofeducation@usfca.edu.