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Law and Education

Course GEDU 705 | Every fall semester.

Catalog Description:

General Education course descriptions in the USF General Catalog online.

Objectives or Outcomes:

  1. Know of the legal requirements of school site administration
  2. Recognize legal problems when they arise on the campus
  3. Appraise the need for legal counsel in solution of legal problems
  4. Discuss the basic law and case histories on matters of school administration and the current state of the law in subjects relating to education

Course Topics:

  1. Church - state - educational relationships
  2. State entities, local school boards, and use of school money and property
  3. Public school teacher
  4. Student personal and race - state - educational relationships
  5. School board procedures and school elections

Criteria of Evaluation:

  • Class participation
  • Presentation on timely legal topic of interest relating to education
  • Written examination
  • Graduate term paper

Possible Course Textbooks:

Reutter Jr., E. E. (1994). The law of public education (3rd ed.) Westbury NY: The Foundation Press, Inc.