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Beyond Tolerance: Queer Struggle and Social Justice Education

School of Education


Guest speaker, Savannah Shange, inspires the group of students and educators to move beyond tolerance.

Teacher-researcher and University of Pennsylvania doctoral candidate, Savannah Shange, lead an inspiring conversation on the history of queer struggles in the 20th century in an open forum to share ideas about how to integrate sexuality and gender into theories of social justice.

Over 85 people attended the event held Tuesday, April 2nd, at the School of Education. "It was one of the most diverse groups I have ever been a part of at USF," said Noah Borrero, associate professor in Teacher Education. "Not just ethnically, but there were students, staff, and faculty; undergraduates, master's students, and doctoral students; teachers and folks from the community."

shange_slideIn addition to sharing her knowledge of the history of queer struggle, Savannah Shange provided the group with ideas for unifying as social justice educators. Borrero continued, "She inspired us all to 'move beyond tolerance' in our quest for making our schools and communities more equitable places."

Savannah Shange was formerly a teacher and program coordinator at the June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco. She continues to teach at a social justice high school while completing her doctoral studies in both Africana Studies and Education, and Culture and Society at the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation, "Between Insurgence and Inclusion: Race, Citizenship, and the Endgame of Gentrification" is an ethnographic study of social justice education in San Francisco, focused on how anitblack and settler colonial logics are both combated and perpetuated in multiracial progressive movements.

The event was jointly sponsored by School of Education faculty in the Urban Education and Social Justice (UESJ) program (Teacher Education department), the International and Multicultural Education department, and the Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program (Department of Leadership Studies).



Written by Barbara Hood, Editor, with Dr. Noah Borrero