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New Publications in Leadership

School of Education


Edited by Patricia Mitchell, Ph.D.

Dr. Patricia Mitchell, associate professor in the Department of Leadership Studies has recently edited and published two books that provide valuable insights and perspectives on leadership and collaboration.

Cracking the Wall 20 Years Later: Women in Higher Education Leadership

Edited by Patricia Mitchell, Ph.D.

Dr. Mitchell and fellow authors describe the progress women have made in academia during the last twenty years and since the 1993 publication of the first edition, Cracking the Wall.

Dr. Mitchell and many of the same authors from the first edition have updated their original chapters and joined with new voices to examine the career paths women can use as they climb the collegiate ladder. These contributing authors write from personal experiences when discussing the ways of overcoming the barriers that impede advancement.

They suggest that women adopt strategies such as empowerment and mentoring. “We were challenged to widen the cracks in the wall so that twenty years later the wall would be removed,” said Mitchell. But as much as the new book celebrates progress made, it also shows that much remains the same, calling for further action among women intent on building careers in higher education.

Collaboration and Peak Performance: A Multidisciplinary Perspective for Emerging Leaders

Edited by Patricia Mitchell, Ph.D. and Silvia Ramirez, Ed.D.

collab_peak_performDr. Mitchell joined with Silvia Ramirez, adjunct faculty in the Department of Leadership Studies to edit a collection of multidisciplinary articles from West Coast scholars.

“Dr. Ramirez and I have been collaborating for the past four years and realized the term 'collaboration' was one of the latest buzz words being uttered in the workplace today,” said Mitchell. They decided to approach scholars who had graduated from the USF School of Education doctoral program and now hold key positions in the private sector, corporate America, higher education and other education settings, to solicit their interest in contributing a chapter to the book.

The result was the book’s sixteen chapters that draw on research, theory and the work experiences of leaders, university faculty and doctoral students; to help emerging team leaders, team members, and team consultants understand what they can do to foster collaboration for peak performance.

What becomes apparent is that collaboration and peak performance have taken on a significant meaning. More than ever before there is a need for organizations to work collaboratively in order to maximize the strengths and talents of its employees. The relationship should include a commitment to a definition of mutual relationships and goals; a jointly developed structure and shared responsibility; mutual authority and accountability for success; sharing of resources and rewards.

Written by SOEnews@usfca.edu