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Sydney Seminar

Explore Leadership in a Multicultural Setting Down Under

Take this opportunity to travel and learn while earning credit!



  • Undergraduate students - Special Topics: Global Citizenship
  • Graduate students - Special Topics: Global Citizenship


Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to participate in a 2 week course on leadership theories and practice lead by leadership scholar Dr. Walt Gmelch. Morning lectures will be offered by Dr. Gmelch, School of Education Faculty, and Australian leadership experts. Afternoons will include group projects and excursions in and around Sydney. Students will produce a final paper and a team presentation that integrates the leadership theory into their personal academic and career context.

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Seminar Objectives:

Student Testimonials

"I think every student should do something like this."

"This is a great travel/ education program. The people are great; the city is great; and the educational component is great."

"It is a great experience, and you will learn a tremendous amount about yourself."

  • To become familiar with the theory and practical application of leadership principles in a multicultural setting.
  • To develop an awareness of your personal approaches toward leadership.
  • To share and contrast your personal styles of management and leadership with class colleagues and Australian leaders through discussions, personal assessment inventories and simulated experiences.
  • To develop and improve your skills in meeting challenges of teamwork.
  • To become aware of the differences and similarities in leadership theories and practices that have been developed and implemented in this country and Australia.
  • To construct a useful set of individual strategies designed to assist you in dealing with complex issues of leadership in a global environment.