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Studying Education at USF

Discover your passion for learning at the USF School of Education! The University of San Francisco is a private university with a long-standing reputation for academic excellence.

The School of Education offers credentials, master's (M.A.) and doctoral (Ed.D.) level programs. Experience our small class sizes, which enable professors to know and guide each of their students personally. Moreover, Classes are scheduled during the evenings and weekends to accommodate working adults. We invite you to browse our website or contact us to learn more about our exciting programs in eight major areas:

Evening and weekend graduate programs for working adults

Find out more about the degrees we offer by contacting the appropriate department or program using the links below, the information on our Contact Us page, or email: SchoolofEducation@usfca.edu.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus! 

Student Testimonials

Prior to graduation, all School of Education students are asked to complete the USF Graduating Student Survey in order to reflect on their experiences while at USF. We have compiled a number of excerpts from these surveys below. Perhaps they will inspire you to come and experience academic life in the School of Education for yourself!

Quotes from USF Graduating Student Surveys

“One multicultural community and individual relationships within that community were the greatest contributions to my personal growth at USF.”
“Diversity, tolerance of different groups of people… great learning experience!”
“I really felt a strong connection with the university and my peers even though I was at a regional campus. I appreciated the attention given to my personal needs as well as my needs as a future educator.”
“The one-on-one interaction with, and availability of, faculty and staff in the School of Education were remarkable!”
“The emphasis on social justice was excellent. Teachers were well-prepared and took a personal interest in their students. Teaching weekends work really well for adults who have jobs and families, and live far from campus.”
“There was great care about my personal/spiritual/inner-development, which was very positive. Also, the size of my cohort was small which, for me, was very beneficial.”
“The individual attention I received from professors in the Counseling Psychology program was great. Instructors were all very personable and attentive to my needs. And they provided great assistance with my internship placement and experience at my site.”
“The professors in the IME [International & Multicultural Education] program are terrific! They were such an inspiration to graduate students—at least to me!”
“I enjoyed the intellectual stimulation and appreciated the excellent professors in my doctoral program.”
“I really appreciated being able to work, manage a family, and go to school on weekends.”
“I appreciated how courteous and respectful the staff was. My professors and advisors were interested in my progress and always available for appointments.”
“My professors were very personable and approachable. The small classes were very helpful to my education.”
“Small classes, approachable professors who care; great help with financial help and getting jobs! Intensive, practical courses. Great School!”
“Most professors were extremely accessible, interested in our education and in what they were doing. Very positive learning environment!”
“Some of my instructors gave more than I have ever experienced in terms of time, energy and enthusiasm."
“I enjoyed the small class atmosphere of the regional campus. I am also grateful for the friendships and encouragement we had in our cohort.”
“I have particularly enjoyed the Dean’s Office staff of the School of Education: they have been extremely helpful with all kinds of paperwork. Also, they do everything in the best mood! People in the Bursar’s Office were also always understanding and patient.”
“I enjoyed the diversity of students on campus and in my classes.”
“I felt the instructors took a personal interest in me and my student experience. They were always there for me when I needed them.”
“The majority of my professors were mature adults who had significant experience in the profession for which I studied. They presented valuable real-life insights in class. They were dedicated and effective teachers. They modeled positive aspects of their profession both as teachers and as professionals.”
“The instructors in the School of Education, Learning and Instruction, mild/moderate special education and master’s program, were excellent and very helpful!”
“The ICEL [Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership] program is wonderful. The professors are so completely involved with their students – it is beautiful! I pray that more recognition is given to this successful program—'one of a kind'… OUTSTANDING!