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Welcome from the School of Education Staff

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Andrea Campopiano — Receptionist, Dean's Office
Peter Cole — Coordinator, Admissions & Student Records
Ramona DeLuna-Valencia — Budget Manager
Janice Dirden-Cook — Director, Upward Bound
Amy Fogliani — Coordinator, Marketing and Recruitment
Julie Guo — Admissions/Records
Helen Huynh — Credential Analyst
Maria Martinez — Assistant to the Dean
Kim Nguy — Accountant, Budget and Payroll
Kate Sky — Director, Curriculum Resource Center
Carole Vineyard — Associate Director, Student Services
Chris Witte — Manager of Technology Development

Counseling Psychology Department
Estella Pabonan — Programs Coordinator
Carmen Pacheco-Cueba — Branch Campus Programs Coordinator
Donna Sellers — Program Assistant

International & Multicultural Education Department
Connor Cook — Program Assistant

Department of Leadership Studies & Organization and Leadership Program
Thanh Ly — Program Assistant

Learning and Instruction Department
Aisha Bolds — Administrative & Fieldwork Coordinator, Special Education
Lenna Onishi — Program Assistant

Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership & Catholic Educational Leadership Program
Jessica Lee — Program Manager

Teacher Education Department
Annie Cahoon — Teacher Performance Assessment Coordinator
Lisa Klope — Program Assistant
Sandi Fenderson — Associate Director, Branch Campus Programs
Kim Westerman — Associate Director, Main Campus

Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation Program (for undergraduates)
Mary Coen — Associate Director
Melissa Hope — Program Coordinator

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