IME Student and Alum Receive Fellowship

Lindsay Padilla and Enrique Luna have been awarded a Human Rights Education Fellowship for 2011-12 by the Division of International Comparative and Area Studies (ICA) at Stanford University and the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE).

Lindsay Padilla is a current doctoral student in the University of San Francisco’s International and Multicultural Education program and Enrique Luna is a recent graduate of the IME doctoral program. They are also colleagues at Gavilan College, a community college in Gilroy, California.

“This fellowship encourages me to collaborate with faculty across California and the country, improve my teaching, and reach my students on a very human level. I see this opportunity as one directly in line with my research and educational goals.”
- Lindsay Padilla

After attending a conference in June entitled “Teaching Human Rights in a Global Context,” designed by and for community college educators, Lindsay and Enrique submitted an application for a fellowship to assist in designing curriculum, developing resources, and coordinating workshops.

“The idea from the very beginning was to allow the community college educators to design and implement a program that’s best suited to their needs,” said Jonas Edman, Curriculum Writer, SPICE, and one of the conference coordinators. “Through these Human Rights Education Fellowships, the program will definitely benefit from the educators’ own expertise and enthusiasm.”

“The Stanford Human Rights Fellowship will allow me to continue to build a humanizing pedagogy that actively promotes connections between teacher and students, between student and the community, and among students themselves. It appears to me that at its core human rights is best understood as acceptance of oneself, and others, in an inclusive community.”
- Enrique Luna

“The Stanford Human Rights Initiative aims to promote human rights education in California and nationally, and to serve as a model of how faculty can effectively create resources for one another,” said Rob Wessling, Associate Director of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and one of the conference coordinators. “We are very pleased that Lindsay, Enrique and so many other community college teachers were interested in this effort.”

For more information contact:  Lindsay Padilla or Enrique Luna.

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