Global Perspective

Hailing from more than 90 countries. Sharing perspectives from hundreds of cultures. Offering viewpoints from thousands of identities. Your fellow students will be some of your best teachers at USF, and so will the city itself.

Because you’re immersed in San Francisco, you’ll reap all the benefits of its multicultural population and diverse communities, neighborhoods, and organizations. And because you’re enrolled at USF — ranked first in student diversity by U.S. News & World Report — you’ll be enriched socially and intellectually by the many cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs of our students, plus our faculty and staff.

Embracing Undocumented Students

USF is committed to helping undocumented students bolster their futures as citizens of the world. We offer a range of resources to support prospective and current USF students who have not yet received citizenship or permanent residency in the U.S. Our application process is identical for everyone, so no one needs to hide his or her residency status.

Undocumented Student Support Initiatives