Ron Reichmuth

Ron ReichmuthSpecial Education Vocational Teacher
Santa Rosa High School

"I completed my Organizational Behavior undergraduate degree and that allowed me to make the best move that I have made, since getting married 39 years ago. I also completed my Elementary Education Credential and Master's degree in Teacher Education at USF in Santa Rosa. I don't believe that you will ever find a better university...a more caring staff...or believe that you can secure a better education ...anywhere!"

Amy M. Cortese

Master's of Organization DevelopmentHR Manager
Town of Windsor

"The MSOD program at USF has been instrumental in my growth as a professional in the field of Organization Development and Human Resources; the most notable change being the increased confidence that comes with newly acquired knowledge. Additionally, the cohort model provided teamwork opportunities that mirrored my working relationships and enhanced the network of contacts I have in my field. I leave USF more knowledgeable, more confident, and more aware of the fundamental building blocks and philosophies which the field of Organization Development is based upon. I highly recommend USF to other working professionals who are looking for a first rate education."

Eric Knudsen

Masters in Project Management2008 Alumni
Master's of Project Management

"The Master's in Project Management graduate program at the University of San Francisco Santa Rosa has inspired me to switch career tracks and lead projects in the dynamic field of project management. The USF mission and core values fully support the cohort learning model of graduate studies by promoting curriculum mastery and a commitment to excellence. The cohort bond formed during this graduate program has been a rich and rewarding experience dedicated to a common supportive learning environment. As a graduate, I feel prepared to complete the Project Management Professional certification qualifying examination offered by the Project Management Institute."

Marcus Young

Bachelor's of Organizational Behavior and Master's of counseling Psychology

"My USF education prepared me for a career transition from the law enforcement profession to education. After earning degrees in Organizational Behavior and Counseling Psychology, I now serve my community as the Director of Public Safety Programs at Mendocino College, in which I also serve as a part-time academic counselor and adjunct faculty."

Veronica Jauregui

MSODConstellation Wines
Master's of Organization Development

"The MSOD program at USF was a life changing experience for me. Through this program I was able to grow both personally and professionally. I was able to gain a new perspective on company strategy, mergers and acquisitions, leadership styles and theories, how to manage change, motivate employees, etc. Everything I learned in the program has been directly applicable to my role as a Human Resources Professional. During the program, I had the opportunity to take on an Organizational Development role, but realized I really enjoyed and missed the other aspects of HR. I don't think I would have had the courage to go back to HR, and pursue what I really wanted to do, had it not been for the confidence I gained through the program."

Eve Nighswonger

Santa Rosa Junior College
Master's of Organization Development

"I was able to begin applying principles of organizational development to my work within weeks of commencing the first semester. Had I understood the positive and immediate benefits this course of study would have on my effectiveness on the job, I'd have begun the program years earlier. I deeply appreciate that USF's faculty have provided instruction of the highest quality, have made themselves accessible, and have consistently demonstrated their commitment to student success."

Edgar Torres

Edgar TorresPlant Manager La Tortilla Factory

"The USF Bachelor's of Organizational Behavior & Leadership program, has provided great insight into day-to-day issues that arise in my organization. The ability to reference what I learned in class and quickly turn the theory into practice has validated my decision to attend this prestigious university. Additionally, I have met a great group of people in my cohort who have become more than just classmates. I can honestly say that this was the best decision I could have made for my family and my career."

Kristine Aragon

Bachelor's of Organizational Behavior and Leadership

"One of the biggest learning lessons for me is the difference between being a manager and a leader. I have learned how to be a leader of my staff. Overall, I have found the material that is discussed in class applicable to my job as a branch manager of a staffing service. The material is incredibly relevant to the work that I do. I highly recommend the Bachelor's of Organizational Behavior & Leadership program for those that are looking to become leaders in their field."

Pam Campbell

Master's of Public Administration

"I have had a terrific experience over the past two years at USF. I attribute that to several factors, but certainly I think that USF has a superb North Bay campus, and that all of the staff there do a fine job supporting students. Our professors were excellent, and the cohort experience turned out to be a great one for me."
"As a direct result of the new skills I've learned and am applying to my work, I've been promoted into a challenging and rewarding new position. I highly recommend USF's MSOD program."

Britt Cooper

Master's of Human Resources and Organization Development

"USF offers a great curriculum, faculty, and schedule to allow you to be successful in your program. I highly recommend USF to any working adult seeking to complete their degree."

Julie Barnes

Sonoma State University

"The programs are extremely hard work but the mindful curriculum and experienced faculty gave me valuable tools to utilize in my job and future career plans."

Bill Keck

Master's of Public Administration
"The educational experience at USF enhanced my life personally as much as professionally, for which I am eternally grateful. I am obviously a better supervisor and leader after completing the master's program but I am also a better father, husband and citizen, unexpected outcomes that I will use throughout my life."

Jeanne Fidelli

Santa Rosa Junior College
Master's of Public Administration

"I made lifelong friends while pursing lifelong learning."

Charisse Arnold

Santa Rosa Junior College
Master's of Public Administration

"Completing my master's degree has been one of the most challenging times of my life, yet the best thing I've ever done."

Chris Scott

Agilent Technologies
Bachelor's of Information Systems

"Information Systems is not just about technical applications and solutions, but also about people and community. Learning how to apply technical solutions to improve the lives of others is what it all comes down to."

Michael Ivory

City of Santa Rosa
Bachelor's of Information Systems

"I feel like my association with my cohort and the people at USF is changing me!"

Mary Dunnigan

San Francisco Police Department
Organizational Behavior

"I would recommend College of Professional Studies at USF to other people, especially with a job and family. I think it’s the only way to complete a degree."

Madeleine Keegan O'Connell

Sterling Bank
Organizational Behavior

"There comes a time in your life when you think you've come about as far as you can in your career, based on your experience and education. That's the time to think about completing your degree at USF!"

Karen Kelsay

Bachelor's of Organizational Behavior & Leadership

"I'm an excellent example of someone who chose family and hard work over education and was very successful until the world changed. Now I'm in my third forced career change due to a changing economy and am starting over again in a new industry. I'm 50 years old, have met three presidents and have done things most folks only dream about. And I have lost ground due to not having that degree!"

Summer Black

Santa Rosa Police Department
Master's of Public Administration

"The USF program is very challenging and yet very rewarding. It was two years of hard work that led to a sense of great satisfaction."