Graduate Testimonials

At the University Of San Francisco, Sacramento – we are proud of our graduates. We're always receiving warm, wonderful letters, emails and phone calls of appreciation from our graduates. 

Master of Non-Profit Administration Class of 2004

Paul Shane

As soon as I got my degree, I became an executive director of the Folsom Cordova Community Fellowship.

Master of Public Administration Class of 2005

Kathleen Moore

I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue a Master’s in Public Administration through the University of San Francisco. The university’s mission speaks directly to my own personal mission to serve and be just in my actions. The MPA coursework was provocative and practical. All USF staff that I have come into contact with during the program have been intelligent, helpful, flexible and accessible. My fellow cohort members have also been key to this successful program by sharing their experiences and offering their friendship. In all, it has been a well spent 20 months.

Gregory Geeting

One feature of the program that was particularly important in my case was the ability to return after an extended absence to complete the program (26 years)!

Craig Wilson

The Master’s in Public Administration has given me the confidence and knowledgeable skills necessary to earn the respect of my supervisors and co-workers in my place of employment.

Kurt Miser

I feel like the MPA at USF was a great investment in my future. I am very happy and satisfied with the program.

Cristina Gonzales

I have gained a broader understanding of the many facets of governmental works. The program has been an invaluable asset that has enabled me to better understand the behind-the-scenes of my work as a civil servant.

Kenneth Osborn

Since entering the program I have been promoted four times and today was offered a new job for more than double my current salary, doing what I have trained and studied for.

Karen Semkiw

The USF Master’s program in Public Administration is very thorough and fairly easy to attend as a working adult. Class time is spent well and provided much insight to me as a current nursing administrator at health care facilities.

Tracy Meeker

This program has given me more exposure to the public sector and has helped me to realize that while there are differences between public and private sectors, there are many more similarities. As such, I feel much more confident in dealing with our public sector customers.

Kathleen Moore

Pursuing the Master’s in Public Administration directly resulted in my securing a Director position at the State Department of Education. The MPS coursework was provocative and practical. The University’s Mission speaks directly to my own personal mission to serve and be just in my actions.

Sylvia Bustillos

My degree has benefited me both professionally and personally. After consuming two years of my life, I look back w/ no regrets. I entered this program w/ the expectation of hoping two years would fly by quickly and now that it has I appreciate myself for sticking to the program and not leaving.

Edenausegboye Davis

My MPA will help me to continue mentoring and coaching youth & seniors in our communities!

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Master of Science in Organization Development Class of 2007

Sam Farley

The principles and concepts I have learned through the MSOD program will continue to bless my life and career for many years to come.

June Ramos

I believe completing the MSOD program has given me the tools for continues success in my career.

Scott Griego

Benefits have been; new skills set acquired, better understanding of culture, impact of change, strategic planning.

Scott Brady

This program has been phenomenal. There hasn’t been a class session where I haven’t walked away with some real-world, applicable knowledge that I could put to use at my work right away. Great program!!

Matthew Fisher

This program provided both personal and professional growth. The opportunities the MSOD program offered me were invaluable.

Christina Ramirez

First, my self-confidence has sky rocketed. This had made me extremely proud of myself and made me realize I can accomplish anything I set my mind too.

Mark Augusta

I feel like this program provided a great overview of the academic foundations of OD, sprinkled with valuable contemporary information. It was a very worthwhile investment of both time and money.

Frank Arroyo

Getting my degree with USF has helped me become more confident at work. Most importantly, I’ve been able to think more strategically and improve on my communication skills.

Francisco Hurtarte

Gained a better understanding of OD and change, which has helped me in my current work environment.

Patrick Durham

USF’s MSOD program gave me an in-depth study of the techniques and methods used to manage transformational change. The program provided ad balanced OD program that not only presented a theoretical but also practical solutions to manage change.

Kris Lea

USF have truly contributed to my professional and personal transformation. Thank you.

Moises Lopez

The program has been great in providing an excellent background that directly applies to my management role at work.

Tracy Buron

This has been a wonderful program and overall amazing experience for me. My life has changed in a positive way and I have USF to thank!! I have met wonderful people, networked and tripled my salary in 2.5 years. I’m in my dream career and I owe it all to this MSOD program and to USF. Thank you!

Master of Science in Organization Development Class of 2005

Elia Rodriquez

This was the best experience ever!

Jodi Hallerman

I have completed both my undergraduate and graduate programs at USF. I couldn't have asked for a better fit between the program and my career goals. The curriculum supported not only the work experience I came with but has enabled me to go after the kind of career I want in the future.

Kristine Carlson

The program enabled me to maintain my career responsibilities while enabling me with the skills, tools, and additional knowledge to excel in my work of OD.

Grace Wagstaff

All I can say is earning my master's degree is opening more doors that I ever dreamed possible!

Linda Madrigal

The opportunities the USF graduate program has afforded, both personal and professional, will benefit me greatly. The program has been an awesome fit for my career transition from HR to training and development.

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Master of Science in Information Systems Class of 2004

Sarmad Shamoon

This degree has benefited me in my job. I am much more confident in my job today. I recommend this program to anyone who would like a quality degree.

Jason Nyugen

Being in this program is an experience that I will treasure for many years to come and the knowledge I attained here is invaluable to my professional career.

Rodney Whitfield

I believe that this program has benefited me most by having me refine certain skills that I hadn't actively used with in the workplace. Such skills included writing papers and delivering presentations.

Luis Robles

The possibilities are more abundant and diverse for my future career. Despite the shortcomings, USF has offered me the chance to tap into new opportunities never possible before. Thanks a Billion!!

Christopher Paige

Earning this degree will provide me with the required skills and confidence to successfully achieve one of my goals to be one of the top IT execs in the industry.

Rima Reddy

Earning a degree from USF will help me achieve my goals within my career and it's a benefit to my self worth. It's been an interesting 27 months and one that I would never take back.

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Marriage and Family Therapy Class of 2005

Nikki Myers

A USF degree is invaluable. I have received a well-rounded education. USF takes into account the “whole” person. My academic work has been challenging and rewarding. The professors have been knowledge able in their field and have personal experience working as MFT’s. Having exposure to both experience and theory helps mentor the student to the real world. USF offers an excellent education, and I highly recommend it!

Vera Abreu

Wonderful program. Well organized; teachers were knowledgeable, open and creative; staff was very supportive. This was the best thing I could do for my career and self-esteem. USF exceeded all my expectations!

Patricia King

I am honored to have been accepted by the university into the Masters of Education counseling Psychology program. I found the professors to be dedicated to their work and to the students. I am very proud of my education and have gained not only knowledge, but also insight into myself.

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