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Sean P. Williams, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)


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Morrell Coleman

Senior Military Science Instructor

MSG Morrell Coleman is a highly accomplished leader who aims to share his knowledge, management experience, and passion for humanitarian service with his students. As a highly decorated military officer, MSG Coleman is the recipient of over 30 commendations and high honor awards.

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Michael Pasquale

Executive Officer

CPT Michael Pasquale was the military police platoon leader for 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division while deployed to the Rashid and Sadr City areas of Baghdad, Iraq. In 2013, Captain Pasquale became a member of the Dons Battalion ROTC Cadre where he passes his valuable skill set, leadership advice, and global experience to new recruits.

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Matthew Saylor

Military Science Instructor

SFC Matthew Saylor is the recipient of over 35 commendations and high honor awards, including two Bronze Star Medals. SFC Saylor’s courses focus on management and leadership skills, guiding students to develop the qualities necessary for success in either a military or civilian career by emphasizing the valuable opportunity for students to ensure a solid future by simultaneously earning their college degree and an Army Officer’s commission.

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Sean P. Williams

Department Chair / Professor

LTC Sean Williams is responsible for the development and continuous improvement of the University of San Francisco Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program and curriculum. LTC Williams has firsthand experience in combat and training units, including multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. LTC Williams teaches with an appreciation for leading and serving others under challenging circumstances while working toward a common goal.