Ranger Challenge and Color Guard provide an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

The Ranger Challenge team provides the opportunity for cadets to further develop their military and leadership skills by providing hands-on training in small unit patrolling. The purpose for Ranger Challenge program is to challenge cadets in tough mental and physical competition, enhance leader development, develop team cohesion, and to develop healthy competition between battalions. Each year, top cadets from around the country gather to compete in Army ROTC's varsity sport: the ROTC Ranger Challenge

Color Guard is one of our most highly respected organizations. They are responsible for carrying our nation's colors during parades, football games, basketball games, marches, and other various events. Each year in Dons Army ROTC Color Guard is requested to be present at local parades. To be part of the Color Guard is an honor.

For more information on joining contact the Admissions Officer, Mr. Joel Correa (415) 422-5628.