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One of the 3 best online sports management programs.
Taught by industry experts.

"Having spent the majority of my professional life in pro sports, I believe the most exciting career opportunities in the sports world will be found not just on college campuses throughout the country but also in the properties, brands, and media companies associated with college sports....

We've created the Collegiate Athletics+ Master's Program from the ground up with industry specific content to prepare the next generation of dynamic leaders in the collegiate sports business."

Andy Dolich

Program Director of Career Development,
Former COO of the San Francisco 49ers,
and Senior Consultant to IMG College

Collegiate Athletics+ is an online sports management graduate program focusing on the business of college sports.


The college sports industry has entered a highly dynamic era, evolving at a rapid pace. There is a sea of change take place both on and off campuses throughout the country with increasing demand for real-time trained professional talent with multi-dimensional skills. Our courses are taught by industry proven sports executives, athletic administrator, business entrepreneurs and technology leaders. This Executive Engagement is a defining feature of the program and a cornerstone of our professional development, career management and networking strategy. The business and case study focused learning environment is designed to fit into the daily ebb and flow of your professional life.



A few courses in the program

  • College Athletics in a Digital Era - Jamie Zaninovich, Deputy Commissioner, Pac-12 Conference
  • Digital Branding and Strategic Marketing  - A case study driven course of how college athletics brands perform across integrated digital, traditional and social channels. Students gain an understanding of sports brands, how they are different from all other brand categories, how they defy logic in terms of brand affinity, why non-sports brands want to partner with them and why digital branding and marketing strategies are critical to a successful future. - Ed O’Hara, Senior Partner, SME Branding, NYC
  • Governance and Compliance - Lynn Holzman, Commissioner, West Coast Conference
  • Fan Engagement, Data Analytics and Marketing SolutionsFocuses on ways that universities and colleges understand their fan bases and create engaging, intelligent and integrated activations with them.  Particular attention is paid to the role of new data driven digital and social media applications from an innovation, production, distribution engagement and new revenue perspective. - Randy Eccker, Chairman, Circle Media
  • Generating Revenue Partnerships - Michael Lynch, Head of U.S Consulting, Repucom / Scott Sidwell, Athletic Director, USF





USF is not currently accepting applications from online students who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Note, however, that residents in these states may apply for enrollment in any USF courses or programs offered at any campus location.