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Permanent Design Elements

There are a few elements that must be consistent across all pages of the USF site — in all departments, colleges, offices, and any other web page that’s driven through the Ektron CMS and is considered part of the USF site. These standard elements are required to ensure that all users of the USF site can navigate pages effectively.

1. Green bar and title

Header for USF Interior Pages

The 8-pixel wide USF green bar at the top of the page exists on every page of the site to provide subtle branding and an overall sense of unity. On all pages of the site except for the homepage, About USF pages and School/College homepages, the USF monogram is displayed in green and gold with the symbol, followed by the name of the current section of the site in gray. The new USF site architecture calls for more prominence to schools, colleges and offices; accordingly, we expect that every school, college, and administrative office site will have a header of this type. Any part of the site that belongs to one of USF's primary units (say, a department in the College, or an initiative within the McCarthy Center) will have the parent institution's name in the header, not its own. The available site templates provide a header, in large type, where sub-sites can be named and clearly identified.

Alternative web page titling is approved only for the sections described below:

Header for USF Home Page
Home and About Pages
The university full name logo, symbol and tagline is displayed prominently at the top of the page

Header for School/College Home Page

School/College Homepages
The university full name logo, symbol and school/college name is displayed prominently at the top of the page.  This titling may only be used on a school or college homepage.  All interior pages must use the USF monogram titling. 

2. Top right meta navigation

Top Navigation
Because the primary navigation of each page is now devoted to individual stakeholders — in other words, your main navigation is your own, not USF's — it's vitally important that these links always be included at upper right. They provide quick access, from every page of the site, to the site's most important pages.

The benefits of having control of your own site's navigation are only possible if general meta-navigation is available to make it easy for your users to find other areas of the site — such as Admission, Athletics, information about USF's Jesuit values, gateways for faculty and students, and search.

3. Footer


The footer is consistent across the entire USF site and provides a location for USF’s formal branding as well as basic information about directions and contacts.

Although we recommend that general USF information be included here, it may possible use your school/college contact information if and when it differs fundamentally from the general information. For example, USF's School of Education may use its own address and phone number. Requests for variance should be addressed to Web Communications and will be looked at on an individual basis.

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