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USF Web Redesign Overview

The USF website is the main communication tool by which external audiences learn about USF and engage with us.  This year the university has approved funding a website redesign and a new web content management system. 

Website Redesign FAQ

Why are we redesigning the USF website?
To provide a better visual representation and user experience—including improved design, information architecture, and mobile responsiveness—to the approximately 20,000 users that visit every day.  Our current site is five years old, has over 40,000 pages, and no longer reflects current web best practices for the highest quality user experience or representation of USF. 

What are the goals for the new website?

  • Develop a first-rate, interactive, and visually compelling public website that engages prospective students, alumni, and donors and communicates the university’s mission and brand
  • Website will have two distinct areas with different audiences:
    • Marketing-focused public website for prospective students, donors, and alumni
    • Internal, private website that is more transactional and has resources for current students, faculty, and staff (intranet)
  • Apply a responsive web design approach to new designs so that the website presents well in all mobile devices
  • More flexible templates for schools and graduate programs
  • Improve quality and workflow of site editing processes. Current update process is not working: 1000+ editors with high turn-over, dependency on student workers, and not being able to ensure quality of content, messaging, and graphics

Why are we creating both a public and private (intranet) website?
To better serve the different needs of external constituents, such as prospective students at all levels, and the internal community of students, faculty, and staff.  The public website will present fresh and engaging content with a visually compelling design throughout all pages.  The intranet will provide the internal USF community access to essential information.

Who is providing oversight?
The Web Strategy Committee will provide oversight on this project with recommendations provided by the Web Redesign Work Group. 
The members of the Web Strategy Committee include:

  • David Macmillan, Vice President for Communications & Marketing (Chair)
  • Opinder Bawa, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • Bob Spatig, Vice Provost and Dean, Strategic Enrollment Management
  • Elizabeth Davis, Dean of the School of Management
  • Marlene Tom, Sr. Director Web Communications

How can I provide input?
We invite you to provide your input by contacting any of the members below.  The Web Redesign Work Group is charged with informing the design firm of your desired features, functionality, and designs in the next version of the website. Their role is to communicate the project within your division, solicit feedback, and provide regular updates on this year-long project. 

The members of the Web Redesign Work Group and areas they represent:

  • Kathy Napper, Admission Undergraduate/Transfer
  • Stephanie Carter, Admission Graduate
  • Chris Brooks, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Michael Routhier, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Mark Landerghini, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Mary McInerney, Development
  • Lisa Kirby, Human Resources
  • Jim Uomini, ITS
  • Corey Cook, Centers & Graduate Programs
  • Randy Souther, Library
  • Candice Novak, Communications & Marketing
  • Tom Henke, Communications & Marketing
  • Marlene Tom (Chair), Communications & Marketing
  • Tri Nguyen, Online Education/Branch Campus
  • Eric Freeman, School of Management
  • Linsey Wirt, School of Nursing and Health Professions/School of Education
  • Mark Johnson, School of Law
  • Marci Nunez, Student Life

Are we designing in-house or partnering with an outside firm?
An outside web design firm, Fastspot, who specializes in web design for higher education and non-profits has been selected to work with us on the public website.   

Why are getting a new web content management system (CMS)?
The current CMS is proprietary software, has been buggy, and has some limitations.  We conducted a survey of all USF web editors in Fall 2013 and there was a desire to move to a new CMS.  We are moving to Drupal, which is the popular open source CMS in use at a number of institutions.

What is the timeline?
The public website redesign project has just started and the estimated launch for the new public site is summer 2015.  The intranet website will be an ongoing project that will begin this Fall.  Web Communications & Services will work with the various units to develop a plan for moving the internal content and resources into the intranet site.

Where will I be able to find current information on the redesign process? 
Please keep checking back here, for the latest news and updates about the project or contact any members of the Web Redesign Work Group.