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Business Cards

Please ensure the personalized information necessary to process the order is included with your eREQ or purchase requisition. Please submit all eREQ and requisitions to Purchasing Services. For questions regarding your order, please contact


See Example of a Business Card

Business Card – Front Side:
The left side contains the Full Name Logo with tagline in three colors. The University logo is the only logo allowed to appear on university business cards. No variations are allowed.

Business Card, Front Side Upper Right Column is the location for the Name and Title(s). This area may contain up to 3 lines of text:
Line 1
:  Person’s name in bold
Line 2
:  Title
Line 3
:  If applicable, overflow for long title or additional title.

Business Card, Front Side Lower Right Column is the personalized information block and may contain up to 8 lines of text.
Line 1
:  Department Name
Line 2
:  Building Name and Location
Line 3
:  Street address
Line 4
:  City, state, zip
Lines 5 thru 8
:  Contact information as needed, may include office phone, mobile phone, fax, email, or social media addresses

Business Card - Back Side:
The business card back prints yellow with the university’s tagline reversed out white. The only exception to this format is when a secondary foreign language (such as Mandarin) is required.

Pricing, Proofs, Production & Delivery

The price list, proof, production and delivery information may be viewed at:

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Important Notice:

If Stationery and/or Business cards do not meet the specifications as outlined, Purchasing Services may not process your request without the written approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications. Please contact Dale Johnston, Director of USF Identity at for guidance and approval. The Style Guide is available at


Front Example 1
USF Business Card Sample 1B

Front Example 2
USF Business Card Sample 2B

Back Example
Business Cards - Faculty/Staff Back Sample

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