Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management

Michael Beseda

Michael BesedaOffice (415) 422-4019 | Cell (925) 457-6383 |

Michael Beseda is vice provost for strategic enrollment management (SEM) at the University of San Francisco. His division is responsible for recruitment, admission, enrollment and financial services, university registrar duties, and enrollment communication.

Recognized nationally as an enrollment and communications leader in efforts to create more inclusive admission practices and to more closely align enrollment and marketing efforts with educational values, Mr. Beseda is a founding board member of the Education Conservancy — a national nonprofit based in Portland committed to improving college admission processes for students. He also is an original member of Harvard University’s Turning the Tide initiative, an effort to reshape the college admissions process by promoting greater ethical engagement among aspiring students, and leveling the playing field for economically disadvantaged students.

Prior to his October 2016 appointment as USF’s vice provost for SEM, Mr. Beseda served as the vice president for enrollment and university communications at Willamette University in Oregon, beginning in 2013. During his time at Willamette, he revamped enrollment marketing strategy and communication materials. One of his biggest accomplishments was the successful overhaul of the university’s recruitment, admissions, and financial aid processes, which resulted in an incoming class that was academically stronger and more ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse.

Before beginning his tenure at Willamette, Mr. Beseda worked at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California for more than three decades, launching his career as an admissions counselor and advancing to vice president for college communications and enrollment.

Mr. Beseda graduated summa cum laude from the “great books” program at Saint Mary’s. He earned a master’s degree in comparative literature from San Francisco State University, and completed doctoral coursework in policy studies in higher education at UC Berkeley.

As vice provost for SEM, Michael oversees the following offices and sub-departments: