Geek of the Week

Wait, What?

Zeus Habash MBA ’18 will make you disbelieve your eyes.

What makes you a geek?
I do magic. 

I do it everywhere I go. But do you mean where did I start? In Amman, Jordan, where I grew up. When I was 6, my parents took me to a magic show. I was hooked. I went home and tried to make a handkerchief disappear. By age 13, I was fully booked for magic shows at schools, in hotels. Magic paid my way through college.   

Do you have a specialty?
Sleight of hand. My handkerchief, the ring on my finger, a deck of cards. I always have them with me. Also, I’m an interactive magician. I don’t stand on a stage. I walk around and mingle with people. I’ll take your wedding ring and do tricks with it.

Do you use magic in your job as a data analyst?
No. But I solve problems, and as a magician I’m good at solving problems. Every trick I know, I figured out for myself. 

Do you still do magic professionally?
Every now and then, at parties and private events, sometimes for USF. I actually performed at the Executive MBA orientation back in August.

How can magic change the world?
Magic is a great way to connect with people. You don’t need to speak a specific language. You just make people say, “Wait, what?” If magic can make you curious the way I was curious when I was 6, that’s meaningful. And if magic can get you to challenge your assumptions about reality, it can stretch your mind. 

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