Pro Tips

“Think seriously about your goals.”

How do you land an internship? Ask accounting major Princess Eyison ’20. She’s an intern at KPMG in San Francisco, learning how to conduct audits in different industries such as banking, consumer products, and tech startups. 

Juli-Anne Brockway in the Career Services Center has been the most amazing mentor. She’s always been transparent with me about what I should expect in the workforce and strategies I should consider to achieve my professional goals. I value her advice as much as I would advice from my mother or father.

I would advise any student to think seriously about your goals and interests, and then shape your time at USF to serve those goals and interests. When you’re ready to pursue an internship or entry-level position in your field of choice, you will have endless applicable skills. It’s important to be able to speak about how the skills you earned in the work you’ve done translate to the work you want to do.