Geek of the Week

Fashion as Action

Maya Chin ’18 sees clothes as self-expression.

What makes you a geek?
I’m addicted to fashion. I think about it, dream about it, blog about it.  

When did this begin?
In middle school. I started getting into art, and clothes were a form of artistic expression for me. One day in sixth grade my grandmother took me clothes shopping and I dragged her to Hot Topic. She was horrified. I was thrilled. Skinny jeans in red-and-black plaid! Punk rock!

When did you start blogging?
My first year of college. I love being a content creator. I get to learn about photography and marketing and social media. Instagram is really interesting — one post will get 2,000 likes and another will get 200. I can’t always figure out why.

Has USF influenced your view of fashion in any way?
Before I went to USF I’d never heard about sustainable fashion, but now I think about the impact of the clothes I buy — the social impact of who made the clothes and the environmental impact, too. Are these clothes “clean”? Are they ethical? Can I recycle them when I’m finished with them? 

What’s your desert island job-interview outfit?
Black jeans. White tee. Plaid blazer in shades of gray with a bit of pink. Black ankle boots. I’m a graphic designer at a firm here in the city, so no business suit for me.

How can fashion change the world?
Fashion is empowering. It gives you a voice. The right outfit makes me feel confident, like I can do this. Also, fashion can change the world by making it beautiful. These days, we need all the beauty we can get.

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