Pro Tips

“Why limit yourself?”

Can you land a sweet full-time job even before you graduate from USF? Advertising major Coral Godinez ’17 did. Here’s how.

I seized every opportunity, even if I was scared or thought I was a long shot. In the first semester of my senior year, a professor sent out an email to all advertising majors and minors, offering a chance to fly to New York City, all expenses paid, for a two-day student conference called the Multicultural Talent Pipeline. The conference was produced by Publicis, a global media company. I knew nothing about media, but I applied for the conference anyway. Why not? Why limit yourself? They accepted me the next day. Then I got scared. I’d never been to New York. I’d be gone for three days, traveling with two USF students I didn’t know. But it was awesome. We became friends instantly. And at the conference I met with a Publicis recruiter who connected me with Blue 449, the media agency in San Francisco that hired me a week before my graduation. So my advice? Go for it!