Pro Tips

“Ask and you shall receive.”

Can you land a sweet full-time job even before you graduate from USF? Marketing major Brett Arakawa ’17 did. Here’s how.

I worked hard and I asked for help. For working hard, I submitted 22 job applications in 30 days — and some people do more than that. And for help, I took the advice of my finance professor, Dr. Lawrence Souza. He once said, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’ So I asked him for, and received, an internship at his financial advisory firm in summer 2016. Then for summer 2017, I asked a guest speaker in class for an internship, and got one in her marketing agency. And then two weeks before graduation I landed my full-time job, at Brilliant Corners Artist Management in San Francisco, by asking a friend from USF. She’d been an intern there, and after I applied, she put in a good word for me.

So my advice is ask people for help: professors, classmates, friends, family. And of course, network. Try to get at least 500 connections on LinkedIn, and put work samples on your profile page. If you have 500+ connections, it proves that you can build and maintain a network — not just for yourself but for potential employers.