USF Pleasanton Campus Teaching Credential with Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program focuses on curriculum. We engage in critical study of historical and current controversies that shape what is taught in classrooms today. Teachers learn to design curricula that embody their educational values and provides all students access to powerful learning opportunities.

  • Offered each year in the Spring semester
  • Delivery: One evening per week and occasional Saturdays

USF's social justice mission aligns with my personal values and is truly a lived experience within the School of Education. There is a passion that is deeply inspirational and empowering. The faculty are outstanding, classes are small and collaborative, and the evening program structure allows me to work and volunteer while being a full-time student. I am honored to be a member of a close community of educators who are committed to creating a more equitable and just world."

Mary Kay Kosnik MAT '17