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Supervisor Page

Advertise a Job: Looking to hire a new student employee? Use an existing position and post the job online.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF): To prevent delays in paying a student, use this electronic form to provide instructions on official start date, pay rate, account(s) to charge the salary, timesheet approver, etc. Unlike staff assignments, this process is iterative since all student assignments end on May 20th of every year and the re-hire process begins on August 21st of every year. This form is also used to provide instructions on salary increase, termination of assignment, and adding a summer assignment or second assignment during the school year. EPAF can be accessed through USFConnect. For instructions on how to complete an EPAF see Supplemental Guide to Student EPAFs or contact for EPAF training.

Electronic TimeSheet: Student employees can submit and supervisors can approve time sheets online by loggin on to USFConnect and click on the Employee tab, see online timesheet submission guide and timesheet approval guide.

Employment Check List (on campus job): Refer to this check list to see what items are necessary to ensure timely payments for your new hires.

Employment Check List (off campus job): Refer to this check list to see what items are necessary to facilitate an off-campus job.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions for supervisors.

FWS Planning : Download this tool to help schedule work hours for employees whose salary is subsidized by the federal work study grant and whose earnings limit is based on the student's FWS award.

Student Classification Guidelines: This form highlights the three Student Assistant classification and the corresponding pay ranges and generic job descriptions. Use this form as a guide when determining the proper pay rates and steps for a new position or evaluating an existing position.

New Hire Process: An integrated view of the hiring process at USF.

Organization Number (Orgn) Look-up: To properly submit an EPAF, creators will need to enter the Distribution Orgn for their department to intruct Payroll where the pay check will be distributed. To properly create the ETimesheet approval queue, the creator will need to enter the Etimesheet Orgn of the approver.

Performance Evaluation: A tool to help engage supervisors and students in setting work expectation, measuring accomplishments, and identifying areas for potential growth.

Supervisor Manual: An easy to navigate reference manual (see bookmarks) to include new hire process, FWS versus CJOB, employment options during periods of non-enrollment, the new San Francisco Sick Leave Ordinance, and more.