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Pay Calendar

Spring 2014 Payroll Calendar

Pay Period

EPAF Approval Date

Time Sheet Approval Date

Pay Date

12/21 - 01/05

December 19th        

January 6th

January 15th

01/6 - 01/20

January 13th

January 21st

January 31st

01/21 - 02/05

January 30th

February 6th

February 14th

02/6 - 2/20  February 13th February 21st

February 28th

02/21 - 03/05

February 27th

March 6th

March 14th

03/6 - 03/20 March 14th March 21st April 1st

03/21 - 04/05

March 31st April 7th April 15th

04/06 - 04/20

April 11th     April 21st

May 1st

04/21 - 05/05     April 29th May 6th May 15th
05/06 - 05/20 May 14th May 21st May 30th

Summer 2014 Payroll Calendar

Pay Period

EPAFApproval Date

Time Sheet Approval Date

Pay Date

05/21 - 06/05

May 30th

June 6th

June 16th

06/06 - 06/20

June 16th

June 23rd

July 1st

06/21 - 07/05

June 27th

July 7th

July 15th

07/06 - 07/20


July 21st

August 1st

07/21 - 08/05

July 31st

August 6th

August 15th

08/06 - 08/20

August 14th

August 21st

August 31st

Please note that supervisors must submit an EPAF (new hire/ re-hire instructions) by the EPAF submission date in order for the student employee to receive a paycheck on the corresponding payday.

All student employees, except those working off-campus, must submit their time sheets through the E-Timesheet system, see online tutorial for instructions. If you work off-campus, you must complete a paper timesheet and submit approved timesheet to One Stop by 4:30pm on the due date.

Remember to submit your timesheet as soon as you complete your last work day of the pay period. Late submission will result in a missed payday and you will be paid on the following payday.