Parent Guide

We understand that you, as a parent, have questions about campus life at USF. Our One Card parent guide will help answer those questions and clarify the One Card's role in campus life.

Program Overview

The One Card program centralizes several key university services and provides a convenient means with which students may access them. These services include building access, entitlement verification, and on-campus debit account functionality.

Upon registering for classes or moving into their university housing assignment, students are eligible to receive their first USF identification card (One Card). By simply swiping their One Card, students may enter campus facilities, borrow library books, eat meals, and pay for expenses – all without having to carry cash or a different card for each activity. Students also may use printers, make photocopies, and do laundry without having to search for small bills and exact change.

Building Access

Students use their One Card to gain access into various university buildings and facilities. In addition, students living in university residence halls are given access to their building and room.

With access provided via the One Card, the frequent problem of lost keys, and subsequent risk to campus safety, is minimized. A lost One Card can be remotely deactivated and building security maintained.


Entitlement Verification

Entitlement verification is a comprehensive way to describe the fact that students are entitled to certain One Card services and privileges. In providing these services, the university needs an efficient and easy-to-use process with which to verify that the cardholder can and should access them. The One Card program maintains this process, which is put to use each time a student swipes or uses their One Card.

Examples of entitlement verification include admission to USF athletic events and the use of the Koret Health and Recreation center.

Campus Debit Accounts

A student's One Card is activated to function as a debit card, allowing for cashless purchasing power throughout campus.

The university offers two debit accounts, both of which are linked to the One Card. Each has unique features and is designed for specific purposes. Both prohibit cash withdrawals once funds are deposited.


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The campus debit accounts provide a convenient and safe alternative for taking care of everyday college expenses. To help you make informed decisions regarding your student's funds, please consider the following.

What are typical college expenses?

Typical college expenses (see the chart below for estimates) will vary depending upon many factors, such as a student's major, whether he or she purchases new vs. used books and whether he or she commutes vs. lives on campus.

Item Per Semester Per Year
Books $225-500 $450-1,000
Laundry $50-100 $100-200
Vending machines $50-100 $100-200
Photocopying $10-20 $20-40
Laser printers $5-10 $10-20
School supplies $75-100 $150-200
Meals* $300-400 $600-800

*The estimated total for meals is for students who live off campus only. Students living on campus will use their Flexi meal plan.

Which plan should my student use: Flexi or Don Dollars?

  • Flexi is required for and available only to students living on campus (unless in Fulton House, Loyola Village or Pedro Arrupe), and is accepted at campus dining locations.
  • Don Dollars is available to anyone with a One Card, and is accepted anywhere that cash is.

Also recall that at the end of the academic year, students often have a Flexi balance, which does not carry forward—it must be spent by the end of the spring semester or it is forfeited. Don Dollars, on the other hand, rolls over to the following year and any remaining balance may be returned to the cardholder upon request when separating from USF.

How does my student (or how do I) manage available funds?

Cardholders may view their current balance and transaction history anytime by visiting our website and logging in with their USF username and password.

For your convenience, Don Dollars may be deposited at anytime via our website or at the Cash2Card machine, located on the second floor of the University Center. During business hours, deposits also may be made in person at our office in Lone Mountain 130 or via fax at (415) 422-6664.

Flexi is managed by Student Housing, which can be reached at (415) 422-6824.