One Card at a Glance

One Card Facts

  • A USF One Card is an important part of campus life, especially for those living in on-campus housing.
  • USF's campus community makes more than five million card swipes annually.
  • There are more than 1,500 card readers within USF's One Card network.
  • The USF One Card office services approximately 10,000 patrons.

One Card Services

  • Personal Identification: Your USF One Card identifies you as a member of the USF community.
  • Building Access: Your USF One Card serves as a key-card that verifies your eligibility for entry and unlocks doors into buildings and rooms.
  • Debit Account/Meal Plan: You may add prepaid funds to your USF One Card, and then use your card to pay for on-campus expenses. The balance for room-and-board meal plans is also loaded onto One Card.
  • Library Privileges: With your USF One Card comes entitlements for access into campus libraries and book-borrowing privileges.
  • Access to On-Campus Printers/Copiers: Swipe your USF One Card on one of the multifunctional (MFP) devices on campus to easily print, scan, cop, and fax.

Additional Services

  • MUNI Class Pass Stickers for Students: Traditional undergraduate students who pay the eligible to receive one special MUNI pass per semester as part of their tuition. Law students, graduate students, and visiting students can purchase the stickers at a significant discount from the regular MUNI pass price. View MUNI Class Pass details.
  • Passport Photos: The One Card office offers passport photo processing for members of the USF community. No appointment is necessary. See pricing and size information.
  • ID-Related Merchandise: The One Card office offers holders and reels to keep your One Card secure. See available merchandise.
  • Fax Transmittals: Members of the USF community may send faxes directly from the One Card office anytime during office hours. Learn more.

One Card Glossary

  • USF One Card: The official campus ID card at USF.
  • USF One Card Office: The office that administers the USF One Card program.
  • USF One Card Program: The program that centralizes several key university services, and provides a convenient means with which USF community members may access them.
  • Don Dollars: The on-campus debit plan, which is optional and available to current USF community members.
  • Flexi: The room-and-board meal plan, which is required for most USF students living on campus.

Card Replacements

We do not charge a replacement fee for cards that experience normal wear-and-tear. For all other lost or replacement cards, there typically is a $15 replacement fee. If your cardholder status changes (e.g., from part-time to full-time staff), you should replace your USF One Card, at no cost, to reflect the change. Learn more about card replacements.

Contact Info

One Card Office

Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Sat - Sun: CLOSED

Lone Mountain 130 (415) 422-7663 (415) 422-6664

Holiday & Break Hours

​The One Card office is closed on University holidays and over holiday weekends. There are 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri hours during break and final exam periods.