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International Service

Serve Abroad

In accordance with its mission to provide compassionate and competent health care across all communities, the School of Nursing and Health Professions offers various international service programs that focus on nursing and health care practice abroad. Modes of health care vary internationally, and the following programs allow students to learn about a diversity of health care access, outcomes, and systems, while also gaining a global perspective that will enhance their professional practice.


Beirut Educators' Connection »


Project Learn Belize »


California Central Valley Immersion Program »

Colombia Immersion Bogota 150

Colombia Immersion Program »

Cuba Immersion group

Cuba Immersion Program »


Guatemala Immersion Program »


Korean Project »

Puebla Immersion Culture

Puebla, Mexico Immersion Program »

Terrace farm

The Vietnam Nurse Project »

More Information

Please contact the School of Nursing (415) 422-6681, for further information about these and upcoming other projects and initiatives.