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Information regarding your undergraduate tuition rate is available on the undergraduate admission website. There is a lab fee malpractice fee of $187 that will be added to tuition during semesters that include a clinical lab course. If you have any questions regarding tuition, feel free to contact One Stop Enrollment and Financial Services at

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Courses

Curriculum pattern and electives are a sample and are subject to change. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Curriculum Pattern | Clinical Prerequisites | Core Courses

Effective Fall 2016: Students may enter in either the Fall or Spring Semester.

Minimum Total Number of Credits: 128

Course lists are sample curriculum patterns and are subject to change. Once admitted, you may contact the program director to get a personalized course plan.

Freshman – 1st Semester | 15 credits
BIOLxxx Prerequisite Biology (Lecture & Lab)  * 4 credits
RHET XXX Written Communication (Core A2)  **  #  ^ 4 credits
PSYC101 General Psychology (Core E) 4 credits
NURS120 Nursing in the Jesuit Trandition I * 1 credit
XXXXxxx Elective(s) 2 credits
Freshman – 2nd semester | 17 credits
BIOLxxx Prerequisite Biology (Lecture – Lab) * 4 credits
BIOLxxx Prerequisite Biology (Lecture – Lab) * 4 credits
RHETxxx Public Speaking (Core A1)   #  ^ 4 credits
NURS170 Intro to Professional Nursing Practice * 1 credit
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
Sophomore – 3rd Semester: Nursing Module #1 | 15 credits
NURS220 Applied Pathophysiology & Pharmacology I 3 credits
NURS221 Essentials of Pharacology: Prin & Conc 2 credits
NURS222 Applied Assessment & Nursing Fundamentals I: Health & Wellness 4 credits
NURS225 Clinical Lab I: Applied Assessment in Health & Wellness 2 credits
MATH101 Elementary Statistics (Core B)  *** 4 credits
Sophomore – 4th Semester: Nursing Module #2 | 16 credits
NURS270 Nutrition 2 credits
NURS271 Applied Pathophysiology & Pharmacology II 3 credits
NURS272 Applied Assessment & Nursing Fundamentals II: Alterations in Health & Illness 4 credits
NURS275 Clinical Lab II: Alterations in Health & Illness 3 credits
NURS275S Clinical Lab II: Simulation Lab 0 credits
SOC150 Introduction to Sociology   #  ^ 4 credits
Junior – 5th Semester: Nursing Module #3 | 18 credits
NURS320 Community and Mental Health Nursing (fulfills Cultural Diversity requirement) 4 credits
NURS321 Health Care Systems I: Nurs. Leadership Within Complex Adaptive Systems 2 credits
NURS325 Clinical Lab III: Community – Mental Health Nursing (fulfills Service Learning requirement) 4 credits
NURS322 Evidence-Based Inquiry & Informatics 4 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
Junior – 6th Semester: Nursing Module #4 | | 17 credits
NURS370 Medical–Surgical Nursing I: Mgmt of Comprehensive Adult Patient Care 4 credits
NURS371 Health Care Systems II: Mgmt in Complex Clinical Systems 2 credits
NURS378 Clinical Lab IV: Med–Surg Nurs – Mgmt of Comprehensive Adult Patient Care 4 credits
NURS378S Clinical Lab IV: Simulation Lab 0 credits
XXXXxxx Elective(s) 3 credits
XXXXxxx (Course Course) 4 credits
Senior – 7th Semester: Nursing Module #5 | 17 credits
NURS420 Women's Health 3 credits
NURS421 Medical–Surgical II: Nursing Care of Children 3 credits
NURS428 Clinical Lab V: Medical–Surgical Nursing Care of Women – Children 3 credits
NURS428S Clinical Lab V: Simulation Lab 0 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
Senior – 8th Semester: Nursing Module#6 | 13 credits
NURS472 Senior Seminar 2 credits
NURS471 Complex Care 3 credits
NURS478 Clinical Lab VI: Complex Care 4 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
* General Psychology, Human Anatomy, Survey of Human Physiology, & Microbiology (in any order) are prerequisites to the third semester (Nursing Module #1). In addition, NURS120 and NURS170 must also be completed before the third semester (Nursing Module #1)
** Must be taken before the fifth (Nursing Module #3) semester. Your rhetoric course placement can be viewed via your USFConnect account.
*** Prerequisite to Nurs322
# BRN requirement for NCLEX; may be taken anytime. RHET130 & 131 taken consecutively fulfill all CORE A requirements.
^ A grade of C or better is necessary to fulfill this SONHP requirement. You may take classses as many as necessary until you earn a letter grade of C or better.

Clinical Prerequisites

The following clinical prerequisites must be successfully completed before beginning the following courses: NURS 220, 221, 222, 225

  • BIOL 113: Human Anatomy Lecture
  • BIOL 114: Human Anatomy Lab
  • BIOL 115: Survey of Human Physiology Lecture
  • BIOL 116: Survey of Human Physiology Lab
  • BIOL 134: Microbiology Lecture
  • BIOL 135: Microbiology Lab
  • PSYC 101: General Psychology

Core Courses

Cura personalis–care for the whole person–is at the heart of our core curriculum. It’s a principle that has guided our graduates’ minds, bodies, and spirits for generations. The core curriculum, a collection of six required areas totaling 44 credits, is required for all undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

  • Public Speaking
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Math or a Quantitative Science (Elementary Statistics fulfills this core area and is a BSN program requirement)
  • Applied or Laboratory Science (will be fulfilled by clinical prerequisite biology)
  • Literature
  • History
  • Theology and Religious Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Social Science (Introduction to Sociology fulfills this core area and is a BSN program requirement)
  • Visual and Performing Arts

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