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Information regarding your undergraduate tuition rate is available on the undergraduate admission website. There is a lab fee malpractice fee of $187 that will be added to tuition during semesters that include a clinical lab course. If you have any questions regarding tuition, feel free to contact Student Enrollment Services at

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Courses

Curriculum pattern and electives are a sample and are subject to change. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Curriculum Pattern | Clinical Prerequisites | Core Courses

Effective Fall 2016: Students may enter in either the Fall or Spring Semester.

Minimum Total Number of Credits: 128

Course lists are sample curriculum patterns and are subject to change. Once admitted, you may contact the program director to get a personalized course plan.

Freshman – 1st Semester | 15 credits
BIOLxxx Prerequisite Biology (Lecture & Lab)  * 4 credits
RHET XXX Written Communication (Core A2)  **  #  ^ 4 credits
PSYC101 General Psychology (Core E) 4 credits
NURS120 Nursing in the Jesuit Tradition I * 1 credit
XXXXxxx Elective(s) 2 credits
Freshman – 2nd semester | 17 credits
BIOLxxx Prerequisite Biology (Lecture – Lab) * 4 credits
BIOLxxx Prerequisite Biology (Lecture – Lab) * 4 credits
RHETxxx Public Speaking (Core A1)   #  ^ 4 credits
NURS170 Intro to Professional Nursing Practice * 1 credit
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
Sophomore – 3rd Semester: Nursing Module #1 | 15 credits
NURS220 Applied Pathophysiology & Pharmacology I 3 credits
NURS221 Essentials of Pharamacology: Prin & Conc 2 credits
NURS222 Applied Assessment & Nursing Fundamentals I: Health & Wellness 4 credits
NURS225 Clinical Lab I: Applied Assessment in Health & Wellness 2 credits
MATH101 Elementary Statistics (Core B)  *** 4 credits
Sophomore – 4th Semester: Nursing Module #2 | 16 credits
NURS270 Nutrition 2 credits
NURS271 Applied Pathophysiology & Pharmacology II 3 credits
NURS272 Applied Assessment & Nursing Fundamentals II: Alterations in Health & Illness 4 credits
NURS275 Clinical Lab II: Alterations in Health & Illness 3 credits
NURS275S Clinical Lab II: Simulation Lab 0 credits
SOC150 Introduction to Sociology   #  ^ 4 credits
Junior – 5th Semester: Nursing Module #3 | 18 credits
NURS320 Community and Mental Health Nursing (fulfills Cultural Diversity requirement) 4 credits
NURS321 Health Care Systems I: Nurs. Leadership Within Complex Adaptive Systems 2 credits
NURS325 Clinical Lab III: Community – Mental Health Nursing (fulfills Service Learning requirement) 4 credits
NURS322 Evidence-Based Inquiry & Informatics 4 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
Junior – 6th Semester: Nursing Module #4 | | 17 credits
NURS370 Medical–Surgical Nursing I: Mgmt of Comprehensive Adult Patient Care 4 credits
NURS371 Health Care Systems II: Mgmt in Complex Clinical Systems 2 credits
NURS378 Clinical Lab IV: Med–Surg Nurs – Mgmt of Comprehensive Adult Patient Care 4 credits
NURS378S Clinical Lab IV: Simulation Lab 0 credits
XXXXxxx Elective(s) 3 credits
XXXXxxx (Course Course) 4 credits
Senior – 7th Semester: Nursing Module #5 | 17 credits
NURS420 Women's Health 3 credits
NURS421 Medical–Surgical II: Nursing Care of Children 3 credits
NURS428 Clinical Lab V: Medical–Surgical Nursing Care of Women – Children 3 credits
NURS428S Clinical Lab V: Simulation Lab 0 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
Senior – 8th Semester: Nursing Module#6 | 13 credits
NURS472 Senior Seminar 2 credits
NURS471 Complex Care 3 credits
NURS478 Clinical Lab VI: Complex Care 4 credits
XXXXxxx (Core Course) 4 credits
* General Psychology, Human Anatomy, Survey of Human Physiology, & Microbiology (in any order) are prerequisites to the third semester (Nursing Module #1). In addition, NURS120 and NURS170 must also be completed before the third semester (Nursing Module #1)
** Must be taken before the fifth (Nursing Module #3) semester. Your rhetoric course placement can be viewed via your USFConnect account.
*** Prerequisite to Nurs322
# BRN requirement for NCLEX; may be taken anytime. RHET130 & 131 taken consecutively fulfill all CORE A requirements.
^ A grade of C or better is necessary to fulfill this SONHP requirement. You may take classes as many as necessary until you earn a letter grade of C or better.

Clinical Prerequisites

The following clinical prerequisites must be successfully completed before beginning the following courses: NURS 220, 221, 222, 225

  • BIOL 113: Human Anatomy Lecture
  • BIOL 114: Human Anatomy Lab
  • BIOL 115: Survey of Human Physiology Lecture
  • BIOL 116: Survey of Human Physiology Lab
  • BIOL 134: Microbiology Lecture
  • BIOL 135: Microbiology Lab
  • PSYC 101: General Psychology

Core Courses

Cura-personalis, or the philosophy of "care for the whole person", is at the heart of our core curriculum. It’s a principle that has guided our graduates’ minds, bodies, and spirits for generations. The core curriculum, a collection of six required areas totaling 44 credits, is required for all undergraduate students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

  • Public Speaking
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Math or a Quantitative Science (Elementary Statistics fulfills this core area and is a BSN program requirement)
  • Applied or Laboratory Science (will be fulfilled by clinical prerequisite biology)
  • Literature
  • History
  • Theology and Religious Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Social Science (Introduction to Sociology fulfills this core area and is a BSN program requirement)
  • Visual and Performing Arts

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