Estimated Budget

Prior to BSN Completion

When you are working on completing your BSN degree portion of the 4+1, all coursework, both the BSN and master's, will be considered as a part of your undergraduate tuition rate. Visit the One Stop Enrollment Services website for information regarding your undergraduate tuition rate.

After BSN Degree is Complete

Once you have your BSN complete, you will pay the graduate tuition rate for the remaining courses that you still need to complete toward your master's degree.

Please use the following estimated student budget to determine costs for your program.

Tuition: $1,295 per unit
Lab and Malpractice Fees: $187 per clinical course*

The costs listed are based on the 2016–17 tuition charges as well as on typical progression time and full course loads. Tuition may rise and other costs may vary according to the number of semesters that you take to complete your graduate program. Please note that tuition rates and fees are subject to change and more information can be found about tuition and graduate student fees on the university tuition and fees schedule.

Visit the One Stop and Enrollment Services website for more information regarding tuition and fees.

*Each clinical course (including the internship) carries a laboratory fee of $162 and a malpractice fee of $25.

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