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The Master of Science in Behavioral Health (MSBH) at USF prepares students to address disparities in the current health care delivery system. Students examine the intersection of social, physical and psychological factors that impact health and well-being. Through inter-disciplinary classes, fieldwork experiences, and a capstone project, MSBH students learn psychosocial interventions as well as tools for planning, managing and evaluating community-based programs and services.

Graduates of our program have learned to become effective team members, who have acquired the tools to improve the accessibility and delivery of health and mental health programs. We look to our graduates to become leaders in designing the evidence-based, integrated health practices that are the cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act.

Improving Care at Home: Challenges and Opportunities Conference

By some estimates, 65 million individuals provide unpaid care worth up to $470 billion, more than all Medicaid spending. Unpaid and low-paid caregivers provide up to 90% of the care provided to people who are ill or disabled but living at home. The School of Nursing and Health Professions is rising to the challenge of addressing this call for action. On Saturday, October 24th, learn about the potential for new technologies to assist in making care at home easier and safer.

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What is Behavioral Health?

Some use the term "behavioral health" to refer strictly to mental health care or substance abuse counseling. At USF we think of behavioral health more broadly. In our MSBH program, behavioral health involves analyzing and understanding how human behavior is influenced by social, physical and mental factors and how human behavior, in turn, impacts physical well-being, empowerment, and engagement in all aspects of care.

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