Internships and Student Projects

Explore the Field – Students will pursue advanced training in line with their career goals in areas such as bioinformatics, clinical decision support systems, medical imaging and biosignal analysis.


The Internship program provides the critical interface between academia and industry for the rapidly changing field of health informatics. Our Students have a unique opportunity to help guide the future of health informatics education and to collaborate with corporate partners in an effort to accelerate the translation of cutting-edge research to the bedside.

Internships in large medical centers may require students to implement new software, decision support methods, or analyze quality and patient outcomes data. Students have interned at Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco General Hospital, Northern California Institute of Research and Education (NCIRE), San Francisco VA Medical Center and many more.

Shraddha Lanka, MS in Health Informatics, School of Nursing and Health ProfessionsAs an intern at UCSF Department of Pediatrics, I helped set up the framework to collect data from different sources like EMR, clinical research datbases, surveys and app usage information. I integrated the information and performed and analytics.

Sraddha, Lanka, Research Scientist at Wavelet Health, MS in Health Informatics Class of 2017

Rashmi Poudel, MS in Health Informatics, Class of 2017I interned at a startup, Prospect Bio, as a Data Engineer. I built a bioinformatics pipeline to create a combined library out of terabytes of raw reads of sequencing data, visualized and analyzed the individual assembled reads with big data tools.

Rashmi Poudel, Data Scientist at Blind On-Demand Health Insurance, MS in Health Informatics Class of 2017

Gaurika Tyagi, MS Health Informatics, School of Nursing and Health Professions Class of 2017As an intern at vida health, I leveraged data from wearable devices and developed NLP models to predict the churn rates of the device users which is integrated into their system to send out alerts when clients demonstrate a certain behavior.

Gaurik Tygagi, Data Scientist at Practice Fusion, MS in Health Informatics Class of 2017

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Student Projects

Some students have pursued traditional master’s thesis projects in genomic analysis and analyzing neurophysiological signals. However, students may also choose from a wide variety of biomedical informatics projects. Students have completed projects at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, Kiwi Pediatrics, KlaraHealth and the Pacific Autism Center of Excellence.

Students work on projects with inter-professional teams in real-world healthcare settings. Inter-professional education is emphasized throughout the program, with opportunities for health informatics students to interact with students in clinical programs such as nursing, clinical psychology, and public health and with more technically oriented students in biotechnology, data analytics, and computer science. The emphasis is on training leaders with broad and deep knowledge who are comfortable interacting with both clinical and technical personnel and can thus function as healthcare leaders.


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