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Digital health and biomedical informatics is a rapidly growing and evolving field. For example, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are quickly displacing traditional desktop computers and laptops as ways to share and access digital health information. 

Digital health professionals are needed for important roles in:

  • Traditional healthcare settings such as hospitals, large academic medical centers, outpatient clinics
  • Emerging digital driven companies, device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and insurance companies
  • Designing and guiding the implementation of new electronic medical record systems and digital health solutions
  • Centers where health informaticists are involved in implementing data mining systems that are integral for monitoring outcomes for procedures and medications
  • Executive positions as Chief Information Officer and IT Directors which increasingly require candidates to have broad and deep training in digital health informatics
  • A burgeoning health technology startup community that has emerged in recent years in Silicon Valley and in several global tech hubs. Innovative entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs will require people with an understanding of healthcare workflows, digital health, data privacy, and computer technology to staff their companies

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) maintains a comprehensive database of available Health Informatics positions throughout the country.

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