Sandi Robards Green BSN ‘69

The Role of a Nurse

Interview with Sandi Robards Green on her 50th Nurse Anniversary

A Martin Luther King Jr. quote Sandi lives by:  “Make a career of humanity and you’ll make a difference in the world and in yourself.

Thank you to Mr. Green who connected us with his wife Sandi Robards Green, to their neighbor who helped us with the technology to conduct the interview, as well as to those who have written letters in support of Sandi’s professional journey.

We at USF are fortunate to have alumni like Sandi who are leading and succeeding, passionate for justice, and changing the world one day at a time from where she is with “excellence, longevity, and dedication which are a tribute to her and her career.” Letter of recommendation for Mrs. Sandi Robards Green.

In the last 50 years, Mrs. Green has been a critical care nurse practicing in the fields of neonatal ICU, Heart Transplant, pediatrics, ER, ICU, CCU, and PACU. In 1997 she received a Nurse Excellence award that recognizes a nurse’s high standings within the field of practice. She has served on various committees and organizations related to nursing and hospital patient care such as the Spinal team in which they decreased the rate of post-op infection significantly. She has also been on teams reviewing hospital policies and procedures to ensure that the hospital is always ready for any internal audit or re-certification."

Sandi Robards Green Nomination Letter to Nightingale Award 2000.

Sandi Robards Green - Alumni SpotlightWhen you talk to Sandi you realize how much she has enjoyed every step of a fun and rewarding journey. You also learn about how she has built a successful career by always improving and learning new skills. Sandi is full of meaningful stories and today we share a piece of her journey to be inspired and to celebrate along with Sandi her first 50 years.

I have helped to save and change lives as the nurse at the bedside since we are the first line of defense intervening / advocating for the patient to prevent untoward events and further problems.

Sandi’s story is a human story of service and love for others. In her years of practice, she has experience working in difficult situations, with brilliant pioneers in medicine, and with wonderful and caring nurses. For Sandi, nursing is about the interaction between human beings, understanding the human heart, and being an interpreter between doctors and patients or family members.

Being a nurse is about giving back.

Sandi acknowledges she had an excellent education at USF and that its reputation and prestige has enhanced her career. In particular, she believes USF instilled in her the importance of looking at the whole person as she cares for a patient.

USF’s education made me a more well-rounded individual and brought lasting friendships.

From the interview and letters that were written for Sandi, we extrapolated the following list of what makes her a true representative of excellence in nursing, a first-class nurse, and a role model.

Sandi as a role model

Food for thought:

We invite you, yes all the readers, to use this column to assess yourself on such qualities and recognize your own qualities as a nurse or gain a map of traits you would like to work on to become a better nurse.

  • Always professional
  • Real sensitivity to people
  • A gentle and caring attitude
  • A wonderful sense of humor and remarkable good humor
  • True kindness
  • Ability to deal with seriously ill patients
  • Excellent clinical judgment = trustworthy
  • Extremely good common sense
  • Intellectual and professional honesty
  • Self-assured
  • Wonderful personality: upbeat and confident
  • Compassionate and empathetic
  • Knowledgeable of nursing, physiology, and pharmacology to make assessments and impact patient care
  • Helpful
  • A team player
  • A leader: “you lead by example.” “90% is your attitude.”
  • Loyal to her patients, colleagues, physicians, and institutions
  • Extremely organized
  • Methodical in her care and assessments: “be thorough.”
  • A critical thinker
  • A collaborator
  • Respected and respectful


Sandi Robards Green - Alumni SpotlightDuring the interview we did a little game to gain some of her top of mind thoughts:

Records: “less is more,” “don’t write the fluff.”

Clinicals: “my student days at the OR. A doctor was upset because we did not have everything he needed and said: you invite me to dinner but don’t have the utensils. In my mind, I thought: no dinner tonight.”

Team: “communications and there is no I in the word team.”

Right before I start my shift, I “get organized. I drink my tea and review my workload.”

Nurse: “invaluable.”

Sandi’s advice

Get off your phone and look, listen, and give the gift of touch. And remember that in order to stay ahead and make sure that you give everyone the best care you must continue to keep yourself updated with the latest nursing practices and procedures to ensure nothing is missed because it could mean a “life” you have saved.

No wonder why they call her “Yoda.”

Sandi will be celebrating 50 years as a working nurse in June and her 50th wedding anniversary in July.  This is an unparalleled and remarkable journey of high standards at home, with 2 daughters and seven grandchildren and in the Nursing profession.

We at USF, look forward to celebrating Sandi’s Golden Reunion at USF in October during Alumni Weekend! Congratulations on an amazing journey!!!!

We are very proud of having alumni like Sandi who is leading and succeeding, passionate for justice, and changing the world one day at a time.