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G Nursing BS MS 4+1 Program


Take the time to do it right but not a semester more. 4+1 programs allow School of Nursing and Health Professions students to simultaneously start work on their master's degree while earning their bachelor's.

Information Sessions

Inserting a feeding tube in simulation lab

Starting as early as the third year of undergraduate coursework, students enroll in master's level courses, completing both degrees in as little as five years. Tuition is billed at a bachelor's degree rate for all master's-level courses completed as an undergraduate. Visit the curriculum page for a detailed view of a typical course sequence for each program track. The 4 program tracks offered are the following:

It's the ideal option for ambitious students looking to save a little time and money.

More Information

Please contact Justin Moore, Department Supervisor for Pre-licensure Nursing Programs, at or (415) 422-6681.