16th Thacher Annual
The 16th Thacher Annual student art show "interMEDIA" runs through June 28 in Thacher Gallery.More Info »

Health Informatics Program Launches in the Spring

Health informatics is an emerging and dynamic field that increasingly impacts every aspect of heathcare. There is increasing evidence that health information technology (HIT) improves health, health care, public health, and biomedical research. The goal of USF’s new master’s program in Health Informatics is to prepare a new generation of healthcare professionals to meet this demand. A special emphasis will be placed on global health informatics, social entrepreneurship and analytics. All students will automatically become members of the Connected Health Lab (CHL), an organization that brings together students and faculty throughout the USF community, together with local startups and companies, national health systems and international health organizations to work jointly on real problems in health informatics. Through the CHL students will have the chance to truly affect healthcare throughout the world.