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There's no better way to learn about our graduate programs than from the students themselves. Many of our programs are represented by our Student Ambassadors. Read their stories and connect with them to get the student experience first-hand.

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Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Liliana Campos Ramaels, PsyD, Student Ambassador, School of Nursing and Health Professions, USFLiliana Campos Ramaels
Program: Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD)
Hometown: San Bruno, CA

Questioning whether I belong in academia has been, both, a personal and professional struggle. In higher education, I have learned to challenge this by always returning to the why. Why do I want to this work? Reflecting on my personal narrative as an immigrant, formerly undocumented, and Latina woman of color has been my map in navigating higher education and always reminding myself of community and lucha (hard work). This drives my commitment in supporting the healing and liberation of communities of color via mental health.

Alicia RanucciAlicia Ranucci
Program: PsyD (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology)
Hometown: Leominster, MA

Before attending graduate school at USF, I worked in an Early Intervention program with children with developmental delays in underserved communities in the Boston area. While this work had a steep learning curve, I felt limited by my role and knew that pursuing a doctoral degree would allow me to better serve this specific population. I chose the Psy.D. program for its emphasis on providing clinical services to individuals and families from diverse, underserved populations in integrated behavioral healthcare settings. The Psy.D. program at USF offered comprehensive academic coursework, support from faculty and clinical training experiences throughout the Bay Area that were the best fit for my career goals to become a licensed psychologist.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Kathleen ShraderKathleen Shrader, Family Nurse Practitioner-Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Family Nurse Practitioner - Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Spokane, WA

As an RN passionate about social justice and community health, I chose to come to USF for its Jesuit identity. Beyond that, the time spent on campus has been vital in creating a sense of community in my classes and has allowed me to get to know my classmates and professors in person which was very important to me in deciding on a school for my DNP. I'm thankful to be a Don and have such a wonderful and caring group of professors who teach me how to be a conscious, social justice oriented, and competent provider!

Daniela VargasDaniela Vargas, DNP, Student Ambassador, School of Nursing and Health Professions, USF
 Family Nurse Practitioner - Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Undergraduate: B.S. Biology, History & Religious Studies at Mount Saint Mary's University

After becoming a patient following an almost-fatal car crash, I realized that I wanted to become a nurse so that I could guide and support others. I want to promote the diversity that USF is working to instill in their nursing programs by bringing people with a variety of educational degrees, cultural experiences, and socioeconomic backgrounds together to build a new wave of nurses that will serve a variety of populations in different fields of nursing. I chose USF because of its mission to promote social justice aligned with my own desire to seek justice for underserved populations. My advice to future students is to discover and read about the nurse leadership roles roles since it serves as the foundation for the MSN.

Camile WilliamsCamille Williams
Program: DNP-Population Health
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Education and long-life learning has been a priority for me from a young age. After 8 years in the US Army, I went to nursing school and became a registered nurse. I fell in love with seeing patients achieve their optimal state of well being under my care and I decided to further my education and obtain my master's degree. During my FNP program clinicals in rural health clinics I wanted to further my ability to assist the underserved population. Therefore, going back to school to receive a doctorate in nursing practice in population health leadership would help me to fulfill that dream. I want to further my education to be a part of the progressive movement and leadership that is striving for equal access to all communities. The University of San Francisco places a high value in cura personalis and Jesuit education, which is very important to me when selecting a program to continue my education. I have dreamed of attending USF since completing my associate’s degree in nursing. I plan to utilize this degree and experience to improve health care outcomes and management of rural and underserved areas, by improving healthcare models.

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Kathreen Daria, MPH, Student Ambassador, School of Nursing and Health Professions, USFKathreen Daria
Program: MPH (Online)
: Roseville, CA

I find great value in that the MPH program allows for a high-level of engagement with my peers and community while working full time; open discussions and creative exchanges of ideas elevate the learning experience in academic and professional settings.

Master's Entry - Master of Science in Nursing (ME-MSN)

Katherine DamKatherine Dam
Program: ME-MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)
Hometown: Sacramento, CA

I thought the connections USF had to the communities throughout the Bay Area would've been an amazing opportunity to gain exposure in various environments and to learn not only from diverse professionals, but the patients as well. When I applied, I believed USF's commitment to providing equal treatment in healthcare to populations of different ethnicity, race, and sexuality could play a pivotal role in the advancement of the healthcare field. I had no doubt my fundamental skills, leadership, communication, professionalism, and compassion would only continue to grow through this program. And I was right! I have had so much personal and professional growth during my time in the graduate program so far, along with making friends I consider family. I can't wait to see what else USF has in store for me in the future.

Brittney WashingtonBrittney Washington
ME-MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)
Sacramento, CA

I chose the ME-MSN program at USF because of its prime location in San Francisco, and the various clinical opportunities and connections that are possible at USF. Unlike many programs, this program offers a direct entry into Masters’s level curriculum and the opportunity to have clinicals in a bilingual primary care setting. Our professors and clinical instructors are very knowledgeable and have many years of experience and expertise. I have made amazing life-long friendships and professional connections in this program, and have had an unforgettable experience!

Becca PeaseBecca Pease
ME-MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)
Davis, CA

In making a career change to nursing, I had my sights set on a program that would build upon my previous professional experience while providing a top-notch nursing education. USF's Master's Entry MSN program has done just that. I know USF is preparing me well to serve our diverse Bay Area communities through my work as a nurse and health care thought leader. The outstanding faculty, talented cohort, and supportive USF community have combined to make my graduate experience at USF a fantastic investment in my future. 

Jennifer EnerioJennifer Enerio
Program: ME-MSN (Master of Science in Nursing)
Hometown: Stockton, CA

I chose USF because the university is known for creating leaders that serve as positive social impacts within the community. I believe in their “change the world from here” mantra, promoting optimism, collaboration and implementation of change. I yearn to become a healthcare leader aimed to improve patient care outcomes and USF has been able to provide this education. I’ve gained so much knowledge on the nursing role, clinical skills, leadership, quality improvement and using evidence-based practice to help develop my strengths as a
clinician and nurse leader. USF also fosters a supportive community through their caring staff and faculty who want nothing but the best for the students. My favorite part thus far is learning and practicing skills during my clinical rotations and working alongside an amazing and inspiring cohort. My journey with USF/SONHP continues to inspire me to become the best nurse/leader I can be.

Master of Science in Health Informatics

Humaira AhmedHumaira Ahmed
Program: MS Health Informatics (Master of Science in Health Informatics)
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

As a nursing student with a love for computer science, health informatics is a great way to influence the way to improve patient outcomes and make a difference in healthcare. Health informatics teaches me how to use data and evidence-based practice to improve practices that will impact the quality of life for both patients and healthcare professionals. I chose the University of San Francisco because I am a 4+1 student and San Francisco is the epicenter of rapid development in both technology and healthcare. This program is engaging and the professors are dedicated to your success.