SONHP Center for Professional Development

The goal of the School of Nursing & Health Professions' (SONHP) Center for Professional Development (CPD) is to give ongoing support for personal growth and professional development to increase job performance (abilities,) enhance career satisfaction, and support advancement.

Guiding Values

The Center’s activities are based in the belief that

  • Each SONHP team member should be valued, respected and challenged to be their best
  • Promoting an inclusive, identity-safe workplace
  • Voluntary participation by staff and faculty members
  • Promoting a positive work culture emphasizing civility, shared understanding, and respect
  • Furthering a strong sense of teamwork among SONHP staff and faculty members
  • The Center’s activities are not evaluative but offer resources and best practices for professional development


The Center offers

  • Faculty and staff development online modules
  • New team member orientation support
  • Arranges coaches for new SONHP team members
  • Coordinates the Individualized Professional Development Plan-Yearly (IPDPY) process
  • Partners with other SONHP and USF resources (including the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), Center for Research, Artistic and Scholarly Excellence (CRASE), Human Resources Department, and SONHP standing committees) to offer workshops and seminars on topics of interest to SONHP team members

CPD Advisory Committee

Members of the CPD Advisory Committee include:

Genevieve Charbonneau, Simulation Center Manager
Nicole Cuadro, SONHP Instructional Designer and Curriculum Developer
Gregory DeBourgh, Professor, Nursing
Dellanira Garcia, Assistant Professor, PsyD
Margaret Hansen, Professor, Nursing
Stacey Kohut, BSN Program Assistant
Kelly L’Engle, Associate Professor, MPH and MSBH
Susan Prion, Professor, Nursing and CPD Co-Director
Pamela Tate-Roger, Supervisor, Integrated Health, and CPD Co-Director
KT Waxman, Assistant Professor, Nursing

For more information or to register for seminars or online modules, please email us at