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Faculty Development

Issues related to the effectiveness of the higher education in Vietnam have been well documented by the Ministry of Education and Training. The leadership at Bach Mai, The Vietnam Academy of Traditional Medicine, and the An Khanh Nursing School all realize that they must shift from teacher-centric to student-centric teaching methods to improve learning, and by extension, nursing practice.

An enriched curricula combined with faculty development and powered by information technology can transform the Vietnamese nursing student's learning environment. Students who learn in this type of environment will gain the critical competencies necessary to meet the increasingly complex health care needs of the citizens of Vietnam such as diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, low-birth weight infants, HIV/AIDS, avian (H5N1) and swine (N1N1) influenza.

Bach Mai Faculty
Dr. Hanh, MD, PHD, Rector, Bach Mai Nursing School (center in dark suit) with Dr. Thuc, Leadership of the VNP, faculty and staff of the Bach Mai Nursing School.