The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing
Patients in Ward
VATM in class
Terrace farm
Nguyen in Simulator
Holding C cards

Curriculum Development

The schools of nursing and the hospitals we are partnering with want nursing curricula developed to meet Western and international nursing standards of education and practice.

Countries throughout the world realized they cannot build capacity within their health care systems without better educated nurses. Nurses represent the largest group of professionals in any health care system; therefore, no health care system can be well-developed without well-educated nurses. This lesson was learned in the United States, and is true throughout the world. Program outcomes at Bach Mai have been revised to reflect Western and international nurse education standards, and the curriculum is currently under revision.

Planning Meeting
Drs. Crow and DeBourgh with VATM leadership at USF for planning meeting.
VATM students check grades
VATM students check their grades.
Thuc and faculty
Dr. Thuc and faculty, Bach Mai Nursing School.
Meeting Hanh, rector
Drs. Crow and DeBourgh meet with Dr. Hanh, Rector, Bach Mai Nursing School and interpreter.
Minstry of Ed
Drs. Crow and DeBourgh meet with leaders of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training.
Ministry of Health
Drs. Crow and DeBourgh meet with leaders of the Vietnam Ministry of Health.