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Engaged Learning

The film, literature, and urban studies professor talks about visual arts and "wandering in idleness."

July 28, 2022
Engaged Learning
July 27, 2022
Global Perspective
July 20, 2022
Equipped to Lead and Succeed

In December 2021, just two weeks after graduating from USF with a BSBA in marketing, Max Eunice ’21 landed a full-time job in marketing with Cruise, an autonomous car company based in San Francisco.

July 14, 2022
Equipped to Lead and Succeed

Erika Carlsen, ‘05, found a passion for leadership during her involvement with USF Latinx and Queer student alliances.

July 13, 2022
Passion for Justice
June 30, 2022
Equipped to Lead and Succeed

Antonia DeMichiel MA ’20 says she sticks out like a sore thumb when she travels to other countries.

June 16, 2022
Passion for Justice
June 13, 2022

Every time I put on the gold and green uniform, I look forward to representing the USF community and the track and field team. This year, my teammates and I took our dedication to and passion for running to the regional and national championships in indoor and outdoor track and field.

June 9, 2022