University of San Francisco Debuts New Logo

SAN FRANCISCO (Aug.19, 2011)

The University of San Francisco (USF) today unveiled its new logo, and its new tagline, Change the World From Here. The University’s updated logo replaces the former introduced nearly 20-years ago.

The three elements that compose the new logo are the full university name, updated tagline, and refreshed symbol.

  • The University of San Francisco is now spelled out (rather than abbreviated as USF) to limit confusion with other universities and bring attention to the university’s intimate interconnection with this stunningly beautiful, world-class city.
  • Change the World From Here is a call to action that is contemporary, urgent, and personal. It underscores the University of San Francisco’s mission to equip and empower the university community to give back for the greater good. The Here in the tagline not only signifies the University of San Francisco campus, but also San Francisco itself, and at its most personal, the Here within our minds and hearts.
  • The cross formed in the center of the refreshed symbol represents University’s Jesuit Catholic identity. The arrows point both outward and inward reflecting the ongoing dialogue and engagement between the university and society.

“This new logo is sharper, crisper, and more accurately represents the University of San Francisco today,” said USF President Stephen A. Privett, S.J. “The cross is our Jesuit Catholic tradition, and the arrows pointing both in and out signal the exchange of ideas and collaborative dialogue we have with the City and contemporary culture. We want the University of San Francisco to be the heart and soul of the City-- to serve as a voice of reason tempered by compassion and driven by values.”

Eighteen-months in the making, the new design was jointly created by Studio Hinrichs, a leading San Francisco design firm, and USF’s Creative Director, Dale Johnston. Faculty, staff, alumni, current and prospective students were all included in the process, which was coordinated by a campus-wide branding work group formed to provide feedback and guidance in the redesign.

“Our charge was to capture the engagement and exchange with society that is the essence of Jesuit education in San Francisco and around the world,” said David Macmillan, vice president for communications and marketing at the University of San Francisco, and chair of the branding work group. “As a result of this interaction, both the culture and the university are enriched -- learning from one another to affect positive change in our world. The three elements of the refreshed logo work together to tell that story.”

About the University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco is in the heart of one of the most innovative and diverse cities and features a vibrant community of students and faculty who achieve excellence in their fields while building a more humane and just world. University of San Francisco students, faculty, and alumni are involved in the entrepreneurial city of San Francisco and work in all industries, from technology to nonprofits.  With dedicated professors and exceptional academic programs to choose from, the university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional students the knowledge and skills needed to develop into ethical leaders who are sought after in their professions. USF’s diverse student body benefits from direct access to faculty, small class sizes, and a broad array of programs and co-curricular opportunities. Informed by the university’s 156-year-old Jesuit Catholic mission, the USF community ignites students’ passion for social justice and the pursuit of the common good. For more information about the University of San Francisco, please visit