USF Students and Alumni Named Fulbright and Gilman Scholars

By Monica Villavicencio, Office of Marketing Communications Posted Tue, 06/24/2014 - 17:00

Four USF students and alumni will be studying, teaching, and volunteering in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe this summer and next year as part of prestigious U.S. Department of State programs.

Among them are three Fulbright English Teaching Assistants and a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholar.

Working with minority Roma in Bulgaria

Bobbi Arduini

Bobbi Arduini MA ’16, a student in the international and multicultural education program at USF, will teach English language and creative writing in Bulgaria. A high school English teacher, Arduini was inspired to learn more about the former Soviet satellite state by her Bulgarian students and has been studying Bulgarian for a year and a half.

“I find the language itself really fascinating, and I’m excited to work with the Roma [an ethnic minority in Bulgaria],” says Arduini, who leaves in August. “I’m really interested in how current efforts to include them in mainstream society are working.”

'I love the continent of Africa'

Sociology major Keyaira Lock ’14 heads to South Africa in January 2015 to teach English. Lock studied at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania last year and is eager to return and explore more of the region.

“I loved being on the continent of Africa. It really opened my eyes to the world beyond the U.S. and Western countries,” says Lock. “I had to go back.”

She’s also excited to share her language and culture in a linguistically diverse country. 

“English is the uniting language across all 11 official languages in South Africa, so it’s really important.”

Fighting HIV/AIDs in Zambia

Keala Pacheco ’14

Keala Pacheco ’14 will serve as an English teaching assistant in Malaysia. Pacheco, who majored in psychology, is interested in cross-cultural clinical psychology and working with diverse communities. She leaves in January 2015.

Lydia Stanford ’16

Nursing student Lydia Stanford ’16 was awarded a Gilman Scholarship, which funds study abroad programs for low-income students. This summer, Stanford will participate in USF’s service-learning program in Zambia, led by Lilian Dube, an associate professor of theology. She’ll see Zambia’s devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic and the socio-economic and cultural factors exacerbating the crisis up close. She’ll also volunteer at organizations serving those impacted by HIV/AIDS. 

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