USF Ranks as Top-Tier University

By ED CARPENTER, USF NEWS Posted Wed, 09/27/2017 - 09:44

USF is once again an “A+,” top-tier university, in the latest U.S. News and World Report rankings.

The university made the top-tier national universities list and the A+ Schools for B Students list, for the seventh straight year. It also made the Best Value Schools list, and the high school college counselors highly rated list.

USF jumped to 25th in the country for graduation rate performance — a metric that ranks schools on their ability to graduate students on schedule based on their high school performance and test scores relative to the university’s resources.

“To me, the graduation rate performance is probably the most telling data point in the report, and explains why we are an A+ school for B students,” said USF Provost Don Heller. “We do very well in working with students who don’t necessarily earn straight A’s in high school or perhaps don’t have the highest test scores and, with relatively modest resources, do very well in helping them to graduate.”

The university also tied for third in the country for the most ethnically diverse student body and ranked 13th for percent of international students.

In addition, the School of Management’s undergraduate entrepreneurship program was singled out for praise. The program ranked 19th in the country. The marketing program ranked 27th and the undergraduate business program ranked 109th.

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