USF, Open for Business in China

By Ed Carpenter Posted Mon, 06/27/2011 - 17:00

Word of mouth has made the University of San Francisco’s master’s degree in financial analysis highly coveted in China, where it is widely considered among the top in the U.S. if not the world.

Students and parents there see a premiere education in financial analysis and USF as almost synonymous. It’s name recognition that other universities envy and it has sparked a growing attraction among Chinese in USF’s other programs.

To sustain and cultivate that attraction, USF recently opened a new office in Beijing. “We’re building on that reputation and educating people about USF’s good programs in other areas,” said Stanley Nel, USF vice president of international relations. 

It’s a focus that has paid off with the number of native Chinese enrolled at USF rising dramatically, to 424 from just 41 in 2005.

Located in Beijing’s Central Business District, USF’s new office is not far from the U.S. Embassy. Nel is currently hiring staff to man the office six days a week. They’ll do everything from visit high schools and college fairs to interview prospective students and respond to the questions of parents who already have students at USF. 

“Now, prospective students, parents, and alumni have an immediate line of contact in Beijing,” Nel said.

Importantly, USF’s presence in China has opened doors to partnerships with prestigious local universities, among them Peking University and Soochow University, in which students attend college for two or three years before transferring to USF to complete their studies in the U.S. There are also opportunities for USF students to study abroad in China.

Also in the works are events for members of the USF community in China and job placement counseling for recent graduates organized through the new office, Nel said.

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