USF Implements Groundbreaking Sexual Assault Reporting

By Arvin Temkar, Office of Marketing Communications Posted Wed, 06/17/2015 - 17:00

USF will be the first university in the country to implement a new online system for reporting college sexual assaults, an approach designed to encourage students who are hesitant to come forward in person.

The online site, Callisto, offers an additional method for reporting sexual assaults on campus and is meant to break down barriers victims may encounter, like not knowing how to label their experience or not feeling ready to talk about it. USF students can still file reports in person with campus police, with their resident advisers, or at the Division of Student Life dean of students office, among other options.

Giving victims more options

The site allows victims to create time-stamped records that can be saved and submitted at a later time. It also provides an option to automatically send a report if someone else reports the same assailant.

“The problem of sexual assault on college campuses has been ubiquitous in the news and many schools focus on prevention,” said Peter Novak, vice provost of student life at USF. “While USF has fantastic resources to prevent sexual assault, we want to likewise have the best resources available for students to report sexual assault, which is chronically underreported throughout the country.”

Though one in five women are sexually assaulted in college, less than 10 percent of victims report the crime to their college or the police, according to Callisto’s website. Men can also be the targets of sexual assault.

The site, which was developed by the nonprofit Sexual Health Innovations, will launch at USF in August. 

Need to report a sexual assault? Contact USF public safety (415) 422-2911, your resident adviser, or university staff 24/7. You can also call SF Women Against Rape’s 24-hour confidential support hotline (415) 647-7273.


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