So We Begin

Arriving first-years share advice they received from their parents

By Sayantika Mandal, USF News Posted Mon, 08/19/2019 - 16:18

Move-In Day was a busy day on campus. Cars from near and far lined up along Golden Gate Avenue. Boxes, trolleys, and suitcases were hauled along the cobbled paths as the Class of 2023 made a new home in the residence halls.

What attracted these students to USF? What superpowers do they bring to our community? And what parting advice did their parents give them? 

Alison Ng and family

Allison Ng (front) from Santa Clara said she chose USF because of the “really good nursing program.” Her superpower is arm-wrestling and weight-lifting. 

Words of wisdom: Study hard, stay focused, and stay healthy. 

Trent LiVolsi and familyTrent LiVolsi (with beard) came from Point Pleasant, N.J., to study biology. Besides the academics, he was attracted to USF because he often visited the city during vacations. His superpower: compassion.“Bring some tissues. I’ll always be with you in your hearts,” he tells his parents. 

Words of wisdom: Don’t lose your One Card. Be kind. Listen more and talk less.

 Fatarida “Idea” Phuwadonanon and friends and family

Bangkok native Fatarida “Idea” Phuwadonanon (second from left) is a management major who brings to USF her cheerfulness and her talent for singing. She chose USF for its location and the scholarship it offered her. “Please don’t fight while I’m away,” she tells her parents.

Words of wisdom: Stay focused on goals and try not to feel homesick.

Olivia Collymore and family

Olivia Collymore (right) came from Boston because of USF’s environment and prospects for good internships. She brings to campus an excitement to get involved in everything. “Don’t be too jealous of the weather,” she tells her mom.

Words of wisdom: Pack light and have a plan.

James Birney and father

James Birney (right), from upstate New York, is studying pre-law. He loves San Francisco, and he also received a scholarship. His superpower is his outgoing nature and fun personality. “Try not to miss me,” he tells his dad.

Words of wisdom: Study hard. Meet new people. Explore the world.

Oliver Quon and friends

Oliver Quon (second from right) from Montreal, Canada chose USF because he wants “to be part of the diverse and inclusive community.” His superpower is breaking the ice when meeting new people. He tells his parents not to worry too much.

Words of wisdom: Don’t get kicked out. We trust you.

Marina Scomazzon (far right) came from Porto Alegre, Brazil to attend USF because she says the city gives her “the freedom to express my own individuality.” Her superpower is empathy. “Have some fun without me and be you,” she tells her parents.

Words of wisdom: Go easy on carbs and have fun.

Azaria Hayes and family

Azaria Hayes (center), from Pinole, Calif., says USF has great connections in the Bay Area that she hopes will lead to  good internships. An avid tennis player, she is looking forward to joining an athletics team and making some friends on the courts. “Don’t worry; I’ll be fine,” she tells her mother.

Words of wisdom: Work smart and hard. Be safe and have fun.