Rocker on a Mission

Pop musician Hannah Valente ’18 has a message for women

By USF News Posted Tue, 03/21/2017 - 13:13

Hannah Valente ’18, lead singer of San Francisco pop-rock band The She’s, knows how challenging it is to be a woman in the rock 'n' roll biz.

“All recorded audio in the world is only done 5 percent by women,” she says. “Movies, music, television … anything.” 

Valente has been playing with her band since seventh grade. They’ve toured all over California and the West Coast — and will appear at this year's Outside Lands festival in San Francisco. But they’ve often faced comments like, “You guys are pretty good, for a girl band.” 

One of the sociology major’s goals is to inspire more women to get involved in music and audio production.

“It’s really important that women get their voices heard,” she says.

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