Checking in with our recent RN-MSN Online Graduates

Real-world stories of nurses who chose USF's MSN program as their path forward

By Associated staff Posted Wed, 09/05/2018 - 12:18

There’s a strong demand for nurses with advanced knowledge who can fill leadership roles in current and future health care systems. This is due to a number of factors, such as an aging nursing workforce, shortage of physicians, technological progress and recent changes in healthcare policy. All signs point toward a future where nurses will play an increasingly pivotal role in healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. The mission of the School of Nursing and Health Profession is to not only prepare nurses to fill these advanced roles but to prepare our graduates as leaders and vehicles of positive change who will further the equity, quality , and access of health care.

Master’s preparation allows motivated nurses to have an impact on the analysis and improvement of healthcare delivery processes. Master’s educated nurses have the skills to collaborate with various healthcare professionals (such as physicians, health informaticists, and others), and with internal and external stakeholders and partners. nurses have been taught to leverage resources to positively impact the health care outcomes of individuals and populations.

The Online RN-MSN program at USF

While a Master's degree in nursing opens many doors for motivated nurses, some nurses find it challenging to pursue an MSN while managing a highly demanding nurse role. The School of Nursing and Health Professions' Online MSN program for Registered Nurses addresses this exact need - it delivers top notch nursing education in a format that is designed to fit with a busy work schedule. Additionally, students are often able to complete their practicum hours at their place of work providing a seamless and hands-on educational experience that is focused on translating theory and evidence-based knowledge into practice and processes.

We have followed up with some of the recent graduates of the Online RN-MSN program to hear the story of their nursing journey, their experience with the program and how it is impacting their current and future goals.

Online MSN Success stories

Rose Geronimo, MSN, RNL, CNL; USF RN-MSN Online Alumni, 2017Rose Geronimo, MSN, RN, CNL
Director of Clinical Operations in Cardiovascular Health, Stanford Health Care
USF RN-MSN Online Alumni, 2017

Rose Geronimo started her nursing journey with a BSN from San Francisco State University and quickly found herself in managerial and leadership roles where she was in charge of designing, optimizing processes and measuring outcomes. As a motivated nurse, Rose realized that educational advancement would compliment her current skill set. She wanted to excel in new areas where she could make a greater impact with her role, and she chose the RN-MSN Online program at USF as her path forward.

Having grown up in the Bay Area, I know the great reputation that USF has in the nursing field. Stanford Health Care also hires many graduates from the university, so I know that the industry considers it as a great university too.

Rose had concerns about being able to balance her busy work and family life with pursuing an advanced nursing degree. The Online MSN delivery format helped her balance her priorities, and she was able to complete her practicum hours at her place of work. She graduated with an MSN in 2017 and is currently the Director of Clinical Operations in Cardiovascular Health at Stanford Health Care.

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Cynthia Huff, MSN, RN, OCN, CRNI, CNL; USF RN-MSN Online Alumni, 2017Cynthia Huff, MSN, RN, OCN, CRNI, CNL
Home Infusion Coordinator with Sutter Care at Home
USF RN-MSN Online Alumni, 2017

Cynthia has been in nursing for over 35 years and currently works as a Home Infusion Coordinator with Sutter Health Care. She liaisons between patients and the pharmacy to teach and coordinates the administrative aspects of home intravenous medication. When Cynthia sought to obtain an advanced nursing degree, USF’s mission spoke to her values and goals prompting her to choose the RN-MSN Online program as her path forward: "When I was researching different online courses, one USF core value `learning as a humanizing, social activity rather than a competitive exercise’ really stood out and meant something to me."

Cynthia expressed the significant impact master’s preparation has had on in personal and professional life. It has helped her lead and succeed in collaborating with inter-professional teams, become a mentor and a change maker.

I have also taken on a more proactive role in education and mentoring my peers. In particular, a Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center has provided opportunities for me to teach the staff about issues surrounding hazardous drug administration. In addition, I am functioning in my organization at a much higher level than before graduating. I regularly liaise with decision-makers, and that is fulfilling to me. I have also joined several national and international nursing organizations that promote nurses to work at their fullest capacity.

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Liam Malpas, MSN, RN, DNP in progress; USF RN-MSN Online Alumni, 2017, School of Nursing and Health Professions, USFLiam Malpas, MSN, RN, DNP - in progress
Clinical Operations Manager, Kaiser Permanente
USF RN-MSN Online Alumni, 2017

Liam Malpas started his nursing journey with an ADN in Seattle and moved to San Francisco to work as a Registered Nurse. While working as an RN Liam quickly realized his strengths identifying operational issues and started exploring ways he could help find solutions and improve patient outcomes. Liam chose the University of San Francisco’s RN-MSN online program as his path forward.

USF consistently came up as a top choice based on other students recommendations and the way that the online structure worked. I wanted to make sure I would have flexibility and I actually completed the last year of the program in London whilst working over there.

Liam currently works as a Clinical Operations Manager at a Kaiser Permanente in Washington, and manages four medical specialty clinics: Cardiology, Neurology, Rheumatology and Pulmonary medicine.

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